My day shadowing a wedding photographer: the hardest job in the world

OK maybe not THE hardest (doctors, lawyers, counsellors, bathroom cleaners… I could go on…) but after spending one whole day of my life shadowing a wedding photographer, I can honestly say that it’s up there. Here’s why, after shadowing a wedding photographer (the incredible Nicky Lejeune – two of my best friends got married so […]


Pink glitter heart cookies

Four of my favourite words in one delightful sentence – these pink glitter heart cookies are so easy to make and are delicious treats for kids and big kids alike! If you don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, you can skip the icing and serve the biscuits alongside tea or coffee when you have guests! […]


Five ways to earn respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is an important thing! If you respect yourself, and others respect you, then you know that you’ve been one hundred per cent true to yourself, honest and that you have integrity. Respect isn’t earned by instilling fear (fear and respect are not the same things) nor telling everyone how great you are – it’s […]

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