Marks and Spencer floral weekend cosmetic bag - £15

Spring clean your make-up bag

It’s the time of year for a good old spring clean. Beautiful blossoms, tweeting birds and a sense of fresh starts are filling the air. But while we’re all too keen to de-clutter the house, many of us leave our make-up bags filled with stagnant, often germ-infested products that were best suited to the 80s. […]


Pretty rainbow style inspiration

I love rainbows. I also think that pretty rainbow style shouldn’t just be for kids – so I’ve compiled some pretty rainbow-related products from around the Internets for grown ups who love COLOUR! First up, check out this boyfriend sweatshirt, and below it boyfriend t-shirt, both from ASOS. How badly do you want to lounge […]


My top five perfume ads

Usually I hate ads and prefer to potter around making tea until whatever I’m watching comes back on. But occasionally a perfume ad or short fashion film is so well shot, has such artistic integrity or is so wonderfully aspirational and exciting that whenever it comes on, I stop what I’m doing and watch. In […]

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