Who lives a Darling Lovely Life?

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The world’s a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.– Yes Man

Everything in life can, and should, be beautiful.

We are the women who look at the world through pastel-tinted glasses, seeing the potential for pretty everywhere.

We are uncompromisingly creative, decadent decorators, detail eagles, glitter magpies – and we believe that everything looks better candy coated.

We are the learners and the doers of the world, the eclectic artists, the big-hearted listeners and the fearless gut followers. We trust ourselves and follow our noses to magical places, spreading beauty wherever we go.

We are smart, secure and unapologetically, unabashedly ourselves. We are here to spread a message of hope to every woman out there with a lioness heart: you are wonderful – don’t settle for anything less than your wildest dreams.

So whether you’re the writer girl, the geek girl, the artistic girl, the musical girl, the academic girl, the mechanic girl, the loving girl, the confident girl, the shy girl, the sassy girl, the girl on a journey (hey, who isn’t?) all of the above or anything else – if you share our belief in decorating everything you land on… well then you’ve landed in the right place.

Pour yourself a pretty mug of tea and immerse yourself in a land of dreamy, soft and whimsical colours, outrageously beautiful interior design, fabulous style, adventurous travel and chat to us about the heartfelt issues that matter.

This is our Darling Lovely Life – come and live it with us!

About Sara

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Hello Darling Lovely Readers. My name is Sara and I’m so happy you’ve landed in my little corner of the Internet. I am a twenty-something full-time blogger, writer and PR coming to you from my serene little space in Surrey, England. I recently had one of my lifelong dreams come true when I was appointed the Online Editor of my all-time favourite magazine, Vintage Life. I live with my lovely (and exceptionally beardy) husband, John and our four pretty kitties, Guinness, Lily, Boo and Tonks.

I spend most of my time snapping pictures of things that make me swoon and writing all about them. The reason I do this is that I strongly believe in decorating everything I see. I’m not happy unless I’m creating something, from painting furniture to baking cakes, from writing songs and poetry to knitting chunky scarves, and boring isn’t in my vocabulary.


Our wedding day – image © Satureyes

When I’m not gluing, blending or writing something, I love to spend time in nature, whether wild camping on Dartmoor or wandering through Windsor Great Park.

In a previous life I ran popular wedding blog, Under the Vintage Veil, which has moved to its new home on our Darling Lovely Life wedding pages (you can still find the full back catalogue of work there).

I’m also absolutely passionate about helping other women to become the strong, powerful and rounded human beings they already are deep inside. I believe that beautiful starts on the inside, with courage, self-belief and a lot of love. I write a lot about personal growth – this is a place for kind-hearted people to support each other.

So I’d like to invite you into my sparkly, pastel-pretty world. Please wipe your feet at the virtual doorstep, put the kettle on, take a deep breath and relax – I try to be the best hostess.

About Darling Lovely Life

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Darling Lovely Life was founded in 2013 by the author behind successful UK wedding blog, Under the Vintage Veil.

After two fabulous years at the helm of a thriving wedding blog, Sara Gibbs decided to take the next step in her blogging journey and incorporate her body of wedding work into an all-encompassing lifestyle blog.

With an emphasis on vintage-inspired living, soft colour palettes and a supportive approach to common life issues, Darling Lovely Life is a hub of beautiful interior design, style, travel, shopping, weddings and celebrations, dilemmas and how to tutorials, DIY features, recipes and more inspiration than you can squeeze into one short paragraph.

Sara’s blogging career has seen her enjoy a multitude of achievements, including: throwing a wildly successful shindig in Brighton called Veilbash; being featured in both Perfect Wedding and Wedding Ideas Magazine; writing a regular column for alternative wedding magazine and sister magazine to Vintage Life, Unique Bride; judging for the National Vintage Awards 2013 wedding categories and being nominated for a Wedding Magazine Wedding Blog Award 2013 in the Best Alternative Wedding Blog category. You can read more about press coverage on our press page.

As a blogger, Sara has accumulated more than 9000 Twitter followers and is an influential voice in the vintage-loving community. She is available for interviews in her capacity as blogger via our press page and as a copywriter or freelance features writer for various assignments. Businesses can enquire about commissioning Sara as a copywriter via our contact page.