A big, big announcement and a little break from Darling Lovely Life

To my dear friends, colleagues and incredible readers,

This is the weirdest post I’ve ever written – it’s not one I ever expected to write. I’ve been working on this blog for three and a half years, from its humble origins as a fun way to document my wedding plans to a full on business. Then the death of my father, the death of the wedding blog and its rebirth into creative living advice – it’s been a wonderful, tragic and life-affirming journey in equal measure.

This whole blog has been about following your gut on a crazy-amazing ride towards your dreams. That’s exactly what I’ve been up to.

I’m in a band!

You may have noticed that, in recent months, I’ve been quieter and quieter. That’s because a year ago yesterday, something entirely magical happened and ever since then, life has been tumbling down the best, most exhilarating and incredible trajectory. I met another blogger, outstanding YouTube makeup artist Klaire de Lys – not unusual in my line of work. However, the way we met was somewhat unusual – you can read about that here: and what happened next was even more unusual – we started a band – Malumi (that’s mah-loo-my, for those scratching their heads).

Klaire and Sara Malumi

Long-term readers will know that I like to sing, but I had long since given up any dreams of going professional. Since I met Klaire and we decided to give this music thing a go, my life has been so much fun! Constant writing, singing, recording, editing, filming and SO much glitter – we’ve even been publishing behind-the-scenes videos to document our musical journey.


Our first single is out!

So today, I’m so excited to announce that our first ever single is out!! Snow was one of the first songs Klaire and I wrote together, and it’s a really special first single to lead with. It’s sort of whimsical folk pop (that’s what we’re calling it, anyway) and the music video, which is out this week, is glitter overload!

You can get the single on Amazon here and on iTunes here!

A little break from Darling Lovely Life

For a while, I’ve felt like I’ve been spreading myself too thin, which is why Darling Lovely Life has been more Darling Lovely Tumbleweed. I’m so sorry guys! But when you’re deepest, most precious dreams come and tap you on the shoulder, you don’t tell them you’re busy. As such, I’m sad to announce that I’ll be taking a little break from posting on Darling Lovely Life for a while. That doesn’t mean I’ll never come back to it, but just that my energy needs to be with this project for a while.

You guys have been the most unreal readers – you’ve supported me through marriage, loss, rebirth – and I hope you’ll continue to do so in this new venture. I’ve made countless friends, had the most amazing time and learned so much. I’m sure that my heart will find its way back to this little blog one day soon, and I hope you’ll all still be around!

So much love, thank you for everything and I hope you like the single. If you want to keep up with what I’m up to, I’ll still be on Twitter under my stage name (I will change it in the next few days) and you can follow Malumi here:

YouTube (it’s worth subscribing as all of our behind-the-scenes vids and music videos will be coming out here)

It’s also worth subscribing to Klaire’s YouTube channel as she will be putting up amazing makeup tutorials, some of them with my mug on, associated with the band and project!


2 Comments on A big, big announcement and a little break from Darling Lovely Life

  1. Fiona
    December 15, 2014 at 10:00 am (5 years ago)

    Fantastic news Sara! Singing is one of the best things you can do – so uplifting and creative. Wishing you and Malumi all the best. x

  2. Pamela - Weddings in Surrey
    December 16, 2014 at 10:25 am (5 years ago)

    Fantastic news Sara! I am so envious as I would love to be a Diva!. I am going to download now and wish you every success.

    PS – you have worked hard on your blog – you should think about letting someone else take the reins.



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