Darling lovely gold glittery Halloween pumpkin tutorial!

Happy Halloween 2014, spooktacular Darling Lovely readers! To celebrate the holiday of dressing up (fabulous) and eating delicious things (even more fabulous) we’ve created this mini tutorial for you all to enjoy. I also thought these would make adorable autumn wedding centrepieces for weddings and parties! Neat.


It’s so easy you don’t even need step-by-step pictures. Just a lot of enthusiasm and the following things:

You will need

♥ Small pumpkins, assorted sizes
♥ Metallic gold spray paint
♥ Clear-drying glue
♥ Loose gold glitter
♥ A paintbrush

Step one

Cover your work area with newspaper, put the pumpkin upside down and spray it gold. Make sure to stand well away so that you don’t get drips when you spray.

Step two

Wait twenty minutes, turn the pumpkin the right way up and spray again, covering all areas you missed.

Step three

Wait twenty minutes again and then paint on glue from the stalk outwards in downwards strokes.

Step four

Sprinkle gold glitter on to the glue and wait for it to dry.


Don’t they look gorgeous? If you try this one out, please post your photos on Facebook and let us have a look!

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