Six things we love about this year’s Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is back and we think that this year it’s better than ever. Who knew meringues could be so mesmerising? Sponges could be so scintillating? As we head into the latter (and arguably better) half of the series, the Darling Lovely Life team takes a look at the best (and worst) bits so far! Here are six things we can’t get enough of (apart from the colour palette, of course):

Screenshots © BBC/Love Productions

The puns and innuendos

bakeoff3Are they soft enough?
They’re still cringe-inducingly awful. They’re still inexplicably hilarious. Whether it’s the dreaded soggy bottom (ain’t nothing funnier than a poop joke) or concern over “irregular balls” (you really ought to get that checked out, y’know) The Great British Bake Off wouldn’t be what it is without the shameless puns.

The well-timed face pulling

bakeoff2Yes, we know it’s probably a lot of clever editing, but nobody does well-timed reaction cam like The Great British Bake Off. My personal favourite is the Mary Berry face of doom… the one that says “I urge you to reconsider”.

Paul Hollywood’s piercing eyes

bakeoff1He’s one baker we all knead (har har) in our lives – who can resist that smouldering stare? Paul Hollywood – we salute you!

Mel and Sue

bakeoff6They’re funny, charming, mischievous and (most importantly) genuinely invested in the contestants’ success. They honestly regret having to eliminate someone each week, but they still enjoy stirring the pot from time to time (see what we did there? Seriously, it’s really hard to stop)!

This year’s contestants

bakeoff5Hats off to the casting person, Mary and Paul’s baking protégés are truly the finest stock so far. There’s Martha (so young… so talented…), Richard – a builder who redefines the term “transferable skillset” and, of course, Norman (sob – we don’t want to talk aout it).

Richard’s pencil


It’s funny because he’s a builder. Richard’s pencil is pun GOLD! It should have its own spinoff show.

What we’re not loving so much

♥ Norman’s elimination. Boo!!
♥ The sneaky editing – we hope that Freezergate 2014 was the last big scandal. We’re all for a bit of drama but not at the expense of the truth damnit!
♥ The home-bought ingredients. C’mon folks, step up the game!

Have you been watching The Great British Bake Off? Who are you rooting for? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box!

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