Seven creative and inspiring blogs and vlogs you NEED in your life

Creativity fosters creativity. The more time you spend reading, absorbing, learning and relating, the more you will develop your own unique sense of style and creativity. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to share my list of incredible, inspiring blogs that I regularly read in order to keep the creative juices flowing. In no particular order:

Design Love Fest

design love fest blogs we love

One of my favourite blogs from across the pond, Design Love Fest is a hub of interiors, style and photography inspiration, in the lovely, clean style that’s so easy on the eye! Editor Bri Emery is such an inspiration. Her tagline “where type and images totally make out” is inspired, and the beautiful images she produces keep me swooning on a day-to-day basis. She truly is a barometer for everyone trying to decorate and share their lives in a unique and compelling way.

Mermaid Gossip

mermaid gossip blogs we love

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Mermaid Gossip is a relatively new blog – this mermaid babe is one to watch. Editor, Emily Fisher (of Fishee Designs fame) has her style nailed (and amazingly styled nails) – and here at Darling Lovely Life, we just adore everything about it! From being a fellow shed owner (brownie points) to her awesome pastel style, Mermaid Gossip is a must-read for creative types and pastel lovers the world over.

Selina Lake

selina lake blogs we love

Selina Lake is the amazing author of five of my favourite interiors books (including Pretty Pastel Style, of course) and a bit of a personal hero of mine. If you can’t wait for her next gorgeous publication, then follow her blog, a hub of pretty, floral, pastel, vintage-style and generally gorgeous, eclectic treasures.

Rock n Roll Bride

rock n roll bride blogs we love

Getting married? Not the traditional type? You’re sure to find some inspiration from this pink-haired guru of all things alternative at Rock n Roll Bride. There’s also great advice for creative business owners in the Green Room section and I’d listen up – Kat has built a whole empire from blogging and now runs workshops all over the world with the Blogcademy. Her print magazine is coming to shops nationwide very soon – now how’s that for living out your creative dream?

Klaire de Lys (vlog)

Think make up is boring? Think again – Klaire de Lys puts the artist into the term “make-up artist. While her blog makes for awesome reading (and she’s written a fantastic novel – a NOVEL the clever gal – it’s called Outsider, go get it on Amazon) it’s her awe-inspiring selection of YouTube tutorials that have made her a cult internet celeb. I won’t ruin the surprise, I’ll just say watch, watch, WATCH! I’ve embedded my personal favourite (because who doesn’t love Disney). OK, see you all in a few hours when you’ve resurfaced from your binge watching? Good.


makelight blogs we love

Home made photography never looked this pretty on Makelight blog. Emily Quinton is a truly extraordinary photographer who sees her life in images and is the reigning queen of Instagram. I’ve had the good fortune of attending a Makelight workshop and have to say it really upped my game. Emily’s skills, her eye for detail, styling and capturing a moment, are unparalleled!

The Linen Garden

the linen garden blogs we love

The Linen Garden showcases the creative stylings of the incredible Vicky Trainor – a designer, floral enthusiast and potter-arounderer…er… of epic proportions. What I love the most about Vicky’s blog, and the accompanying shop, is that you never know what she’s going to produce next, from incredible cushions to lust-worthy handbags. One thing is guaranteed – floral linen – the designs come from the heart.

Do you have any incredible blogs you think we need to follow? Leave us your recommendations in the comment box!

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