Dartmoor shoot – behind the scenes

You may have seen our epic Dartmoor photoshoot last week. No? Well here’s part one and two – part one tells the story of why we chose the location and its personal meaning to me.

While we were on Dartmoor, we stayed in some beautiful Mongolian yurts at the Hemsford Yurt Camp just outside of Totnes. We had a brilliant experience there, absolute luxury in the outdoors and so I really wanted to mention that we stayed there. Klaire, Danielle, Jackie, Will, John, Simon, Maddy and I had a wonderful evening there before we were joined by lovely Fiona for the shoot the next day.

Here are some pics along with a fantastic write up by Maddy on what it was like to work on her very first photoshoot! I’ve also embedded a gorgeous behind-the-scenes video by Klaire de Lys. Over to Maddy!


It was my first time being A Model (capital letters necessary). I was terrified. Whilst I am no stranger to dressing up (I love fancy dress), this was something where people were relying on me to get it right. But I needn’t have worried.

Back in July, Sara and I posed fiercely in a beautiful wood on Dartmoor in Devon. So much planning had gone into this day, with several people involved, with many different factors to consider, let alone factors we couldn’t possibly control such as the good old English weather! It was as unpredictable as my mood on a Monday morning.


I wanted to talk today about why working with professionals that day and leading up to it was so awesome. In an industry where reputation is everything, I could see very clearly why Sara had asked these wonderful beings to be involved with the shoot. For example, Danielle, our fabulous hairdresser from The Parlour London put my mind at ease by coiffing my hair wonderfully – I had been worried that my previous pinkie ends wouldn’t fit with the look of the shoot and she gave me some wonderful advice, did you know that anti-dandruff shampoo strips hair of dye? Simply use intense conditioner to bring hair back to its original shine! Amazing. On the day, she whipped my hair up into a look that I’ve never had before, I received so many compliments, it was awesome!

dartmoor10 dartmoor15 dartmoor17

Klaire de Lys, possibly the sweetest make-up artist I’ve ever met, was so cool, calm and professional that on the morning of the shoot, I sat in our ballroom (yes I live in a house with a ballroom) where Sara and I were getting prepped and ready and felt super relaxed. She added powders and creams with the softest of touches, and I felt like a princess.

dartmoor26 dartmoorday2.5 dartmoorday2.7
dartmoorday2.3 dartmoorday2.9


Fiona Kelly was our photographer for the day, and wowsers is that lady talented. She knew exactly how to instruct me to pose, where the light needed to be reflected (my lovely husband was brought in to hold the reflectors behind her!) and was so patient!

It was a hot day, so there was the potential for lost tempers, but luckily we had John and Simon on hand to deliver food and drink to the thirsty workers. As I clambered across mossy rocks, it was the boys who brought up the water and sandwiches. Due to everyone’s encouragement, I got into the swing of things much quicker than I thought I would.

dartmoorday2.16 dartmoorday2.17

Sara. What can I say about Sara that isn’t already so obvious through this blog dear readers? She is so caring! Always putting others before herself, and always ensuring that as many different scenarios are covered as possible. The night before the shoot could have been filled with anxiety for me, but instead with the support of her husband John, we sat at the yurt camp, ate and drank and chatted with the gang.

When we went shopping for our outfits, she made sure that I felt comfortable in whatever outfits she had chosen for me, and whilst I admit I wasn’t 100% convinced, she assured me that I would look awesome on the day. And she was right! With the hair and makeup, the outfit, the jewellery supplied and the fantastic support on hand, I took the day moment by moment and it was wonderful. By simply relaxing and relying on the support around me, and by being open to what others suggested to me, life became much easier.

dartmoorday2.20 dartmoorday2.25 dartmoorday2.28 dartmoorday2.31 dartmoorday2.32

I had an amazing time due to the fact that everyone was so calm, confident and professional, making me more confident and able to fulfil my role. Thank you to everyone who was involved. It was an incredible day.

Thank you, Maddy for the lovely (and very generous and flattering) write up of our Dartmoor adventure! Over to Klaire for a beautiful video of our time on the moors.

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  1. Samantha
    September 30, 2014 at 10:03 am (5 years ago)

    Lovely pics and a glorious write up. And you live in a house with a ballroom. That’s all I need to think about this morning! X

    • Madeleine Noble Jones
      October 2, 2014 at 10:05 am (5 years ago)

      Samantha – thanks for the lovely comment! Yes I live in a very grand house that belongs to a Duke! We live with 8 other people though, it’s not just us rattling around! :o)


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