Things every blogger will understand

Think the world of blogging is an easy ride? Think again. Here are some common themes that every blogger will definitely understand.

That feeling when a post goes viral

i'm king of the world Titanic

I’m king of the world!!!

That feeling when a post you’re proud of bombs

tobias shower Arrested Development

Feeling a little blue…

The excitement when you hear a new comment alert

Sara and John Gibbs at Disney World


But then you realise it’s one of these



Blogging can be a slow burner

Blogging can be a slow burner - Darling Lovely Life vintage telephone

You have no new messages.

And sometimes it can feel like a bit of an uphill struggle

Am I the only weirdo out there who loves weddings?? Darling Lovely Life

Am I the only weirdo out there who loves weddings??

But your first magazine mention is, like, ZOMG!!!

Perfect Wedding magazine mention of Underthevintageveil Darling Lovely Life

That’s ME!!! In a magazine!!!

It can feel a bit lonely at times

Giraffe in Sedona - Darling Lovely Life


But once you find your crew, you’re rolling

Ginger cat and black and white cat - Darling Lovely Life

It’s nice to meet likeminded people

Because the Internet really is the best place to find them

Red velvet vintage shoes - Darling Lovely Life

There’s a foot for every shoe

Blogging is a great way to work out your feelings

Save the Planet vintage mug - Darling Lovely Life

And it helps other people who are in the same boat

And the perfect way to express yourself

Betty Boo at Universal Studios - Darling Lovely Life

Yes, I AM fabulous, thanks for noticing

And despite the random ideas at four in the morning

Big Cats in the USA - Darling Lovely Life

Jeez, it’s impossible to get any sleep around here

And the long, long hours

Seals on the beach USA - Darling Lovely Life

I can see the appeal

You wouldn’t change it for the world

Sara Gibbs in vintage glamour Richmond Pictures

Because where else do you get to go to work dressed like this?? (Image © Richmond Pictures)

Sara Gibbs in PJs by Madeleine Noble Jones

AND this??

So even if your family doesn’t think it’s a REAL job

lumbergh - Darling Lovely Life

Yeah… I’m going to have to ask you to come back at another time…

Stick at it – because despite the ups and downs, blogging is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!

Klaire de Lys Sara Gibbs Nova Nu Bride blogging friends - Darling Lovely Life

BLOG FRIENDS! (Image © Sarah Morris Photography)

So if you’re a blogger and you’re having a “meh” day, keep at it! You never know what’s around the corner or how amazing things are about to be…

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