The trials and tribulations of being a homebody

Staying in is totally the new going out! If you find yourself nodding along to the following, you may well be a homebody. That’s fine – after all, home is where the fridge full of food you like is! Our friends across the pond are currently enjoying a Simpsons back-to-back marathon on FXX, so we thought we’d join in the fun with our favourite homebody memes from the show. Enjoy!

Your sofa is the comfiest place in the world


There’s definitely a system

Apart from bed, bed is heaven


Bed is like a sofa especially for lying down!

The eternal dilemma – comfort vs basic needs


Uh oh, gotta take a whiz… 

There’s no greater feeling than being home alone


Peeing with the door open and you love it

There’s nobody to hear you sing in the shower


Why oh WHYYYY Delilah?

You can just generally be really embarrassing


Who wears short shorts?

The fridge is your oyster


And nobody’s there to tell you off for being unhealthy 

People interrupting your favourite TV show is the worst


It should be a criminal offence to call during Bake Off

You try to work from home as much as possible


This is how you sell the idea to your loved ones

Home is where you can wear whatever’s comfiest


It’s a muumuu… duh…

Just because you spend all day with the cats, it doesn’t make you antisocial


It just means the party comes to you

homebody party

Because this is how you feel about clubbing


People say you should get out more


You go now!

But the garden totally counts as “out”


You’ve entirely given up on excuses


Ow, my ovaries…

And no matter how much people judge you


You’re happy just as you are – because home is the BEST


Are you a homebody? Are you happy in your little nest? Or is the idea of staying in a total snooze? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box!

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