Ten reasons why loving yourself is awesome

Think loving yourself is big headed, over the top or narcissistic? Think again! Here are ten reasons why loving yourself is the most awesome lesson you’ll ever learn:

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♥ Oh my God we like all the same things! Nobody else appreciates all the things you love like you do – so who better to share them with than yourself?

♥ You are the one and only person who you are 100% guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with – you wouldn’t choose a life partner you hate, so don’t choose to hate on yourself!

♥ Loving yourself gives you strength – it means that nobody can take away your self belief and self worth, because it’s not dependent on the approval or adoration of others. It means you can get through absolutely anything.

♥ Loving yourself shows others how to love you. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to know where to start? If you love yourself, you won’t be afraid of showing all those wonderful, shining qualities that will attract even more love from others.

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When you love yourself, everything else in your life will start to blossom

♥ I firmly believe that the energy you put out into the world is what you get back – I’ve seen it in action over and over, I’d be silly not to.

♥ Even if you don’t believe in all that then try this! When you love yourself, you want the best for yourself (and you feel like you deserve it / have earned it) so good things start coming your way because you’re suddenly willing to stick your neck out to make them happen.

♥ You also see the world through much happier eyes, which means you’re much more likely to focus on the good things and not panic or fixate on the bad!

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When you love yourself, you’re not afraid to stand out because what people think really doesn’t matter

♥ Loving yourself makes it much easier to love other people – if you can tolerate your own flaws, you’ll be much more understanding if other people aren’t perfect.

♥ When you love yourself, you see everything, even the worst things in the world, as an opportunity to grow and become an even more awesome person.

♥ Learning to love yourself is really hard work – and once you’ve managed that, you’re strong enough and smart enough to learn or do anything. You’ve proved it to yourself.

That’s all well and good, I hear you say – but where do I start? Loving yourself doesn’t mean you have to go around shouting about how awesome you are, that’s often just covering up insecurities. It’s a very personal journey – start to change the messages you tell yourself. Are you hard on yourself? Do you tell yourself you’re not good enough, ugly, stupid or unworthy? Stop immediately. Just catch yourself doing it, gently, and tell yourself you don’t need to give yourself these messages anymore. 

Start by stopping with the wrong messages – slowly, slowly, you’ll start to feel good enough to give yourself new messages, ones that say “well done”, “let’s get a pizza and watch our favourite trash tonight” and, after a while, “I love you”. So what are you waiting for?

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