How to make the most of your hair appointment

Today I’m off for another fun session at The Parlour London and I’m pretty much an old hand at the getting my hair done thing now. I have a hell of a lot of hair and it takes about four hours (seriously!) to do a standard full head of highlights and a cut on me, so I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of my life sitting in a hairdresser’s chair. So I’ve put together some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your hairdressing experience – hope they’re helpful!

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Make sure you’re well fed

There’s nothing worse than instantly feeling hungry the minute you sit down and knowing you won’t be able to eat again for hours. Make sure you arrive well fed and bring some top-up snacks so you don’t end up all hangry. While you’re at it, nip to the loo first and definitely bring a phone charger!

Wear something flattering

A small caveat – wear something that makes YOU feel good. You know why? Because you’re about to spend several hours in front of a mirror, and a good portion of that will be with your hair in all kinds of crazy states. Last time I went to the hairdresser, I wore something really clingy and forgot to do my makeup. I spent four hours analysing every lump and bump and lamenting my dodgy skin. By the end of it, no matter how fabulous my hair looked, I felt pretty lousy about the rest of me!

Be prepared

New salon? Have you had a skin patch test 48 hours in advance of your appointment? Have you come to have highlights with a head full of product? Save time and shorten the whole process by being properly prepared for your appointment. Oh, and make sure you turn up on time or you could end up missing or rushing your appointment!

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Suss out a price

Find out exactly what you’ll be paying in advance to save the awkward moment at the end when its twice the price you calculated!

Book your hair appointment for the right day

If you’re going to book a hair appointment you may as well make it coincide with a day you need to look amazing. Whether it’s a big day at work, a party or you’re likely to bump into someone you want to devastate, plan your hair appointment for a day you need an extra confidence boost.

Be explicit about what you want

Or, more importantly, be explicit about what you don’t want. If you don’t, the hairdresser will decide for you and you might not love what they come up with (unless you have Danielle at The Parlour London who always does an awesome finish…).

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Use your time wisely

If you’re happy to relax that’s great, but if you’re anything like me and you can’t sit still, you’ll need something to occupy the long hours. Whether you’re paying attention and asking questions while they’re blow drying your hair (always a good opportunity to pick up a few tricks) or you’re catching up with some reading while your colour is setting, make the most of your appointment by having something to do!

Think about aftercare

No, you don’t need to buy every expensive product in the salon, but some may be worth the investment. That fancy purple shampoo that will stop your highlights from yellowing or that miracle serum that seems to tame your hair every time – treat yourself and make your style last that bit longer.

Bring an umbrella

Or anything else you’ll need to weatherproof your hair. It’s a terrible shame when you leave with salon-perfect hair only to get rained on!

Write a review!

Salons, particularly independent salons, are dependent on repeat business, word of mouth and good reviews. If you enjoyed your treatment and liked the results, shout about it. Write a good review and give five stars where you think they’re deserved. If you weren’t happy with your ‘do for any reason, make sure you think long and hard about why that’s the case before you type. Was it the salon’s mistake or yours? Were external factors responsible or was it bad treatment? A bad review can kill a small business, so make sure it’s truly deserved and not written in anger.

Do you have any tips for making the most of a salon experience? We’d love you to leave your thoughts in the comment box!

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