Thirty fun facts about the Darling Lovely Life team

A lot of our favourite bloggers, including Kat from Rock n Roll Bride, have been posting fabulous fun pieces with interesting, little-known facts about themselves. Lately, as our community has been growing, we’ve been thinking it would be really fun to do the same for members of our Darling Lovely Life team – it’s about time we all got to know each other, no? Join in! We’d love for you to post your own fun facts in the comment box.

Tinkerbell - Sara Gibbs - Darling Lovely Life blog - Thirty fun facts about the Darling Lovely Life team

Ten fun facts about Sara

It’s pretty obvious that Sara has a penchant for pink things, but there’s more to Darling Lovely Life’s editor than an obsession with pastels…

♥ Sara speaks five languages to a conversational level – although give her a day to brush up before you test her out!
♥ Weird phobia alert – Sara is terrified of dead fish after a few notable childhood traumas (no, she doesn’t want to talk about it).
♥ She’s also afraid of going downhill / down stairs (watch her try, it’s quite funny), going underwater, turning upside down, the witches from Roald Dahl’s The Witches, parking and weird noises in the dark!
♥ In fact, Sara is so risk averse that she always waits for the little green man, has never climbed a tree (ever), doesn’t like to run fast in case she falls over and waited until she was 26 to take a driving test.
♥ When she finally did take her driving test, she passed first time. Yay!
♥ Sara is currently attempting her first novel – it’s young adult fantasy fiction and she is constantly falling in and out of love with it.
♥ A girl with many hobbies (and not enough time) Sara is a keen amateur photographer, loves to sing, play the piano and write songs, she paints furniture and even plays the recorder (that doesn’t get annoying…)
♥ Sara’s hobbies have got her into trouble in the past. She once took a life drawing class because she confused it with still life. She was too embarrassed to go back.
♥ In fact, Sara often mixes up words and phrases to her own detriment. In a bid to cut back on sugar, she once ate gluten free for several months because she confused gluten with glucose. Whoops.
♥ Sara is a vegetarian and has never eaten meat in her life – she adores animals and currently has four (yes four) cats including a temperamental Bengal and a three-legged ginger cat.

John Gibbs with Bengal cat - Darling Lovely Life blog - Thirty fun facts about the Darling Lovely Life team

Ten fun facts about John

Everyone knows that John is Mr IT, making him the tech brain behind Darling Lovely Life, but did you know these fun facts about him?

♥ Despite being an all-round nice guy, John is notoriously foul mouthed! He can swear in ten different languages and a video of his sweary commentary about a local event was accidentally featured on a local news website.
♥ John is a licensed pilot, his original degree was in aeronautical science.
♥ Talk about international, John is originally from South Africa but speaks with a mid-Atlantic American accent due to his upbringing in various international schools.
♥ When he’s not hanging out in the sky, John likes to spend time underwater – he got his junior open water certificate at the tender age of twelve.
♥ Having said that, John prefers open water to swimming pools – he has an irrational fear of swimming pool lights.
♥ John is a keen home cook and does the majority of the household cooking. Sara doesn’t mind.
♥ Science fiction enthusiasts will be pleased to count John among their number. Just don’t get Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up…
♥ John became a vegetarian of his own volition (no, nobody bullied him into it) when he and Sara moved in together.
♥ That’s a good thing, because John is actually a big animal lover. He’s had pets ranging from cats (aaw) to snakes (aaargh) and everything in between.
♥ John hates club football but loves international football – and rugby. Not surprisingly, he supports South Africa.

Maddy Noble Jones on windy Meadfoot beach - Darling Lovely Life blog - Thirty fun facts about the Darling Lovely Life team

Ten fun facts about Maddy

♥ Always an adventurer, Maddy likes to live in unusual places – she used to live on a houseboat in London and now lives in a country manor with eleven other adults in a house owned by a Duke & Duchess, and has spent two out of the last four years living in Asia.
♥ How cool does this sound? Maddy built her first website at the tender age of 16 using images of Bagpuss, the children’s TV character, and a quote from Ace Ventura
♥ Talk about guilty pleasures – Maddy’s favourite movies include Grease 2 and International Velvet (can I hear it for obscure sequels?! YES!)
♥ Maddy really, really loves fancy dress and face paint, and back in her London clubbing days, face paint was regularly in her handbag, painting people on the dance floor for fun! A true Darling Lovely Life gal through and through.
♥ Maddy adores India and Indian food and luckily her husband is awesomely talented at cooking it. (WIN!)
♥ While Sara is all about the pastels, Maddy is obsessed by pink and purple and GOLD! Following her on Pinterest (link) makes this abundantly clear.
♥ Maddy has been likened to Isobel Crawley in Downton Abbey (bossy and posh) and Cameron from Modern Family (loud and showbiz-y!) Fabulous, darling!
♥ You can’t travel as much as Maddy and not pick up some language skills. Maddy speaks Franglais really quite well (“Bonjour mon petit chouxfleur”)
♥ Aaaaand jazz hands! Maddy is completely obsessed with musicals, but on her wish list are tickets to see Matilda, Billy Elliot and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as basically she has seen everything else. Yes, including the classic Grease 2 musical Cool Rider (if you really wanna know….)
♥ Maddy is very good at back-combing hair and up-dos. Previous housemates have woken her up at all hours to do their hair so they can go on holiday with a fabulous look.

Join in! Leave ten fun facts about you in the comment box below – the wackier the better. 

2 Comments on Thirty fun facts about the Darling Lovely Life team

  1. Lottie
    July 9, 2014 at 1:11 am (5 years ago)

    1. I have freakishly small feet (size 3). This makes balancing a problem.
    2. Despite having tiny feet, I have a pair of shoes in every colour except orange.
    3. My most beautiful shoes are made almost entirely of diamanté and ribbon.
    4. I don’t usually talk this much about shoes.
    5. I didn’t realise how much I would love my dog until I got him.
    6. I am giving up an extremely well paid job (in music) to become a full time opera singer.
    7. Because of fact 6 I’m not expecting to make any money next year.
    8. I have no regrets. (yet.)
    9. I wish people had the confidence to sing and dance more.
    10. I love hugs!


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