Project Pretty as a Picture #4 – find your own therapy

When brilliantly witty and inspirational author, Marian Keyes, was facing a battle with depression, she channelled those feelings and found that being creative helped her to get through each day. Her creative medium was baking, and she enjoyed it so much that she produced a beautiful book with mouth-watering recipes (pictured below) called Saved by Cake. She used baking to get her through but in the end it was this positivity that created an amazing gift for her readers. When my father was at the end of his life I picked up a DSLR camera and pretty much never put it down. The lesson here is that everybody can find their own therapy, whether it’s baking, photography, singing, sailing, dancing, programming – hey, whatever makes you tick. So my picture of the day is a little tribute to the things that get us through the tough times.

Pink peonies and recipe book - Darling Lovely Life blog - Project Pretty as a Picture #4 - find your own therapy

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