Project Pretty as a Picture #13 – things aren’t always as they seem

To look at these photos, you might be forgiven for thinking I live in an enormous house with endless wallpaper and white spaces. The truth? Sorry to break the illusion, but that lovely wallpaper? Fabric washi taped to a board. The location? My living room floor, just opposite the window, where the light is best.

You may think that other people have their whole lives sorted out and that they have something over you but they don’t. Nobody can have it all – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. If it looks like my career is soaring it’s because my house is a tip and I haven’t done laundry in forever. I guess the lesson here is there’s no point in being envious of what you think others have – we all have our struggles and we all present the parts of ourselves we want other people to see.

Peonies on floral background - Darling Lovely Life blog - Project Pretty as a Picture #13 - things aren't always as they seem

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