Five wedding-planning pitfalls to avoid

Congratulations – if you’re planning your big day you’re in for an exciting few months (or years). When John and I got engaged, I made some really basic mistakes that, in all the commotion, are so easy to make! So I thought I’d save you some time, money and drama by letting you in on the top five wedding mistakes – and how to avoid them!

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Step away from the phone…

Telling people too early

Before John proposed, I bullied him into it so already knew it was going to happen had a really strong inkling he was going to do it. Because I had no idea how to keep my mouth shut, all of my closest friends knew John was going to propose (probably before he did) and when we actually got engaged, they responded to my excited phone calls with an anticlamactic “yeah, we know, you told us.” You only get to announce your engagement once, so don’t blow the surprise too soon or you’ll be disappointed by people’s reactions!

Rushing to book suppliers

In my excitement, I made a couple of basic mistakes booking suppliers I wasn’t 100% sure about. I ended up having to cancel a couple of things and was let down by one supplier a couple of weeks before the wedding. It’s tempting to get everything done quickly so you have something to look forward to, but with so many options out there, really take your time. Read blogs and magazines, do your research and make informed decisions once you’ve settled into the planning.

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Trying to please everyone

You’ll end up with fifty bridesmaids, a wedding you don’t want and somebody will STILL find something to complain about. You can’t please everyone and your wedding is YOUR special day, so do things your way and don’t try to please everyone at the expense of your own happiness.

Letting the stress take over

Yes, there are elements of wedding planning that can be difficult or stressful, but if you let the stress take over, you won’t enjoy the most exciting time of your life! If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, sit down and identify the areas that are stressing you out and ask yourself what can be done to fix it before it ruins your experience.

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Make sure you let yourself relax!


When we planned our budget, we seriously underestimated how much everything would cost. We didn’t have much understanding of what you can and can’t get for your money and so budgeted a little too optimistically. Always overestimate – rather you pay less than you thought than run out of money half way through planning your wedding!

Are you planning a wedding? Have you made any big-day blunders yet? Leave us some love in the comment box!

2 Comments on Five wedding-planning pitfalls to avoid

  1. Donna
    May 8, 2014 at 3:55 pm (5 years ago)

    Trying to please everyone is definitely the big one for me here. It’s very easy to try and please parents, the bridal party and all the guests when in reality the bride and groom should just do what they want to do – It’s their wedding day and the important people will go along with whatever they want x

    • Sara - Darling Lovely Life editor
      May 11, 2014 at 9:47 am (5 years ago)

      Haha we went too far the other way, ruffled quite a few feathers! Oh well it was all alright on the night :) xxx


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