US road trip part 9: chasing aliens in Roswell

Don’t ask me why, but Roswell was totally on my bucket list. I’ve always been fascinated with alien conspiracy theories and the like, especially as I believe we’re not alone *spooky music*.

Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal in Roswell apart from an alien-themed McDonald’s, some alien-themed shops and alien-themed lampposts. We had hoped to visit the crash site but our plans were thwarted because it’s now “private land” (or is it? More spooky music ensues…)

So instead, we visited the informative and informal UFO museum. Complete with framed sheets of paper from someone’s printer and a few life-sized alien models, I assumed it was going to be utter crap. But despite the frequent misspellings and the crude display methods, it was actually one of the most informative museums I’ve ever been to! We spent about three hours reading every scrap of information and came out utterly brainwashed convinced that there was some sort of government conspiracy to cover up an alien visit in Roswell.

And here are some of our pictures!

Red sports car Roswell - Darling Lovely Life blog Aliens and UFOs at Roswell - Darling Lovely Life blog Spotting US Aircraft at Roswell - Darling Lovely Life blog UFO Museum at Roswell - Darling Lovely Life blog Stunning sunsets at Roswell - Darling Lovely Life blog

In our next (and final *sob*) instalment, we visit Orlando and spend several days running around the theme parks and visiting animal sanctuaries! See you then!

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