Ten things you’re never too old for

Inside every normal, functioning adult is a wide-eyed, eager child ready to see the world in a magical light. For many of us, years of repressing our feelings and the need to be taken seriously has stomped that instinct down to a place that’s hard to access, but actually seeing the world through a child’s eyes can be a really healthy break from responsibilities and reality! So next time the world starts to bog you down, here are ten things you’re never too old for:

Sara Gibbs playing in the snow - Darling Lovely Life blog

Playing in the snow

That’s if we ever see snow in this country again *sighs dramatically*. But seriously look how fun it is (although I’d probably have a hard time getting someone to drag me around in what looks like a small bathtub again).

Building a fort / nest / den

Hey, sometimes the world can be a scary place, and I’m not judging anyone that needs a safe place for a little time out. I work from home, so sometimes it can be really hard to switch off. On days like that I just pile on the duvets and build myself a cosy little nest to curl up in, or I pitch a tent where only nice things happen (like painting my nails – although beware of the fumes). I once told this to a therapist friend who said this was one of the healthiest things she’d ever heard (although she may well have been humouring me).

Going to the zoo

Find a nice, ethical zoo, wildlife centre, animal sanctuary or petting zoo and go spend some time with animals. I could spend hours watching animals play and interact, I find it really fascinating and relaxing. Treat yourself to an ice cream while you’re there to complete the experience.

Sara Gibbs dressing up as a cat - Darling Lovely Life blog

Playing dress up

Play around with extreme make-up looks, or get all gussied up and put on your finery for a quiet meal at home. Sometimes it’s fun to be creative with your clothes (especially when you know you’re not going to leave the house). Or, if that’s too weird, next time you get invited to a fancy dress party, go all out instead of scrambling for something costume like at the last minute.

Getting arty

I’m terrible at drawing, but sometimes I just feel like a doodle. I also discovered a cute little paint your own pottery place with my little cousins when they came to stay and I think the adults got more into it than the kids. Get in touch with your artistic side and tell yourself it’s OK to be crap and even more OK to make a mess!

Sara Gibbs watching magic tricks

Magic tricks

Good ones, because let’s face it you’re much less gullible as an adult. But it’s still amazing to suspend your disbelief and spend hours pondering how the hell the person in front of you did what they did!

Taking a new class

Remember when you were a kid and it was a given that you’d learn stuff? If you have a spare hour or two every week and the cash for it, why not learn an instrument? Or go to a dance class? Or learn something completely off the wall that has nothing to do with your career, just because you feel like it? You’re never too old to learn for learning’s sake.

Believing in fairies

OK you don’t have to actually believe (although it’s way more fun if you do) but sometimes when I go to a beautiful place in nature I imagine it alive with mythical creatures (this may have something to do with my side gig writing kids’ stories). It makes you feel like you’re part of a wonderful story *blushes and shuts up* – but seriously, believe in fairies!

Cinderella and Prince Charming at Disney World Orlando - Darling Lovely Life blog

Theme parks

What’s great is as an adult you’re probably tall enough for all the rides, and you can go on whichever ones you like without having to beg a parent to go with you, so you appreciate it on a different level you see. Also, you can take a day off work and go during off-peak season on a weekday to beat the queues. Win.

Binge watching your favourite childhood show

When I was a kid, I loved The Smurfs. No matter how old I am, that opening theme tune always makes me feel happy and excited that I’m in for twenty minutes of Smurfy excellence.

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