Past brides and grooms confess: my pre-wedding tantrums

I have yet another confession, readers, although quite honestly, if you’ve been reading this blog since its Under the Vintage Veil days you probably already know this but are too polite to say. I was a total bridezilla in the run up to my wedding.

No seriously *talks over the loud voices of protest… or not* I was terrible. When our chair company folded two weeks before the wedding and let us know with a letter by second-hand post, I dramatically thrust the offending piece of paper in John’s face, before sprinting upstairs, wailing that the whole wedding was ruined and throwing myself on the bed to weep.

Then there was the spectacularly self-centered moment when I wrote this piece on how if people don’t stay until the end of your wedding, they’re not really your friend – and I meant it! I’M SORRY!

Perspective is a wonderful thing. It allows us the space to learn from our mistakes, but also to laugh at them. To everyone who crossed Cyclone Sara’s path in the run up to my wedding I’m sorry. To help me feel like less of a douchebag, I took to the Internet to find other people who sorely regret their pre-wedding tantrums! Here are some anonymous contributions from our wonderful readers – prepare to be amused.

Sara Gibbs as Bridezilla - Darling Lovely Life blog

But which one is the costume?

Our readers’ biggest Bridezilla moments

“I played up to my talent of being a drama queen before my big day. I was after a bargain from everyone – my poor suppliers! And I had quite a bad case of the budget-competition. You’ll have seen it before if you read wedding blogs, where brides compete to see who can spend the least. Fair dos if that’s your thing but it sent me crazy and for that I have apologised to my patient husband.”

“We had a blank canvas venue, so I enlisted some very kind friends and family to help me set up. The day before I guess they were just having fun making the most of being bossed around by a frothing-at-the-mouth me, and stopped for a bit to mess around. I dropped everything I was carrying on the floor and cried ‘am I the only one who wants a wedding to happen here tomorrow?’ It was not a good look.”

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Losing it when things don’t go to plan is a classic bridezilla move!

“I woke up and the skies were grey for my outdoor wedding. My mum was right about the unpredictable British weather, I thought with despair. I’m pretty sure I was crying. One of my bridesmaids woke up and pointed out that it was merely 5.30am and the sun hadn’t actually risen. Ah. Right you are then.”

“I had spent hours compiling a playlist on my iPad. As soon as the disco kicked off, the iPad promptly decided it wasn’t going to work. This led to me running out of the hall closely followed by four male friends and my new husband proffering hip flasks. The rest of the evening consisted of everyone’s random music from their various phone playlists”

“I full on yelled at one of our lovely groomsmen because he failed in his duty to clear the guests out of the way for my arrival so I could make a proper entrance walking down the aisle. I’m still apologising to this day.”

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If you know a bride in danger of having a bridezilla moment, please direct them here

“During my wedding reception, my heel broke on my shoe. For some reason when I felt that heel snap, something inside me snapped. I took off the shoe and hurled it across the room, narrowly missing several guests. Luckily they saw the funny side, as did I (after downing another glass of wine and waiting for my face  to cool) and I danced barefoot for the rest of the evening.”

“Before my wedding, I gave everyone in the wedding party a code name. I became so obsessed with the code name thing that I wouldn’t respond if people didn’t play along. It got so bad that my nearest and dearest eventually staged an intervention.”

“In all of the excitement of the wedding reception, we cut the cake but forgot to dish it out. The next morning when I came to clean up the venue and discovered the uneaten cake, I was so upset that I made everyone there grab a fork and eat the whole thing for breakfast.”

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No sleep? No CAKE? Bridezilla smash!

“Forget the bridezilla stereotype, I was a total groomzilla. From the moment she said “yes” to the moment she said “I do” I became obsessed with making a “plan B” for everything that could possibly go wrong. From a comprehensive wet weather plan to a list of local back-up suppliers (and yes, I checked their availability) it drove my poor bride to be mad as I kept picking holes in her dream day.”

“In the run up to the wedding, one of my bridesmaids said she wanted to be the last in for hair and make up. Instead of just politely saying no, I turned round and roared “I’M THE BRIDE!” Those words haunt me to this day, every time I get stressed out somebody takes it upon themselves to shout “I’M THE BRIDE” at me.

So our readers have confessed all and now we’d love to hear from you. Did you have any spectacular pre-wedding tantrums? Were you a bride or groomzilla before the big day? Leave us a comment in the box below!

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