No bitching month for charity – my initial observations

Hola – happy Easter weekend everyone! Just checking in a few days into my no-bitching month with the following observations! Read more about what I’m doing here and visit my JustGiving page here to sponsor me – it’s for a really wonderful cause.

So what have I learned in my first few days of bitching?


This one’s for my dad

You don’t need to say everything you think

One of my great weaknesses in life is that I’m not a particularly proficient self editor. I tend to say the first thing that comes into my brain, and while that can be amusing at times it can also dig me into holes. I guess I’ve always prided myself on my honesty, but having integrity doesn’t mean you can’t hold some things back. Editing everything before I say it, 24 hours a day, is already teaching me a vital life skill.

Slip ups have been throwaway comments rather than long bitching sessions

The few times I’ve slipped up and put a pound in the bitch jar, it’s been because I made some stupid throwaway comment that flew out of my mouth before I had time to think about it. So far, I’ve managed to hold back on any irritations with others or just tell them directly that I’m feeling annoyed.


You won’t BELIEVE what that other ostrich just said to me

I notice when I’m being negative in general

This is the big one – every time I’m negative about ANYTHING (not other people, not behind their backs, not gossiping) I’ve had to stop and check whether or not I just bitched.

The first few times that happened I wondered if it was because bitching is a hard thing to define, but then I realised that isn’t it at all. It’s because (and this blew my tiny mind) it creates the same physical feeling in my body.

You know that uncomfortable feeling after a proper bitching session, when you feel like you’ve swallowed poison? No? That’s because you probably weren’t even aware of it. The second I had to be aware of when I was bitching, I also had to make myself aware of how bitching feels physically – it’s the same feeling when I’m negative – like poison. I’m not saying I’m going to go around skipping on rainbows and handing out free candy (although that sounds fun) but it’s a good thing to be aware of.

So that’s how my no-bitching month is going so far. If you think that editing your words 24 hours a day for a whole month sounds difficult and you’d like to support the Sam Beare Hospice in Weybridge, take a couple of mins and visit my JustGiving page to find out more!

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