How to spring clean your home like a pro

Yesterday, we put up a piece on spring cleaning your make-up bag. But what about spring cleaning in general? Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’m a bit of a messy pup (understatement) and that a permanently spick and span house is my personal holy grail. So I’ve come up with a system to help you other messy creative types to keep your stuff in order. Here goes nothing!

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Set aside a couple of days

If you want to get serious about cleaning (and, more to the point, de-cluttering) set aside an entire weekend or a couple of holiday days to get the task done. That way you won’t run out of time and end up back to square one.

Stock up on supplies

Before you even think about starting to tackle your mess, make a list of the things you’ll need. Cleaning products, bin bags, boxes etc. (trust me, boxes come in handy, more on that in a bit). Then you’ll have no excuse to stop tidying. Also make sure you have adequate storage. Little bags and boxes for your make up and bath products will save you so much time and space.

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These storage boxes are adorable and a great space saver from Tesco 

Set up a TV, music or movie playlist

When I’m cleaning, I find time flies when I have something on in the background. I take it as an opportunity to re-watch old favourites or binge-watch some great TV!

Take it room by room

Tidying the whole house can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have an inexplicable amount of stuff like me. Tidy the house on a room-by-room basis. If there are things that belong in another room (for example, you’ve left half of your make up in the bedroom when it should be in the bathroom) have boxes at the ready. Then put things that belong in different rooms into relevant boxes.

Be brutal

I’m such a hoarder I probably have double the amount of things I actually use. So if you’re having a proper tidy, now really is the time to clear out all of your unwanted crap. The dress that’s seen better days, the top you haven’t worn in years. Everything that still looks decent, put in a box for the charity shop, otherwise recycle or chuck it where appropriate. If something really has sentimental value, then it’s worth starting a memory box for things that aren’t practical to use every day but that you can’t bear to get rid of.

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Get cleaning

While everything’s tidied away, take the opportunity to sweep, hoover, spray, wash, scrub etc. You’ll feel so much better with a big, clean and tidy blank slate!

Create a system to make it stick

I always love the look of a freshly made bed, but end up putting the wrong sheets on the wrong bed out of sheer disorganisation. I also find things go away in the wrong place out of laziness or confusion. Now is the time to start a brand new organisation system that you can stick to. Write up new house rules, eg if you use it, wash it and put it away, and stick to them. Hire a cleaner if you can afford it and you think it will help you stay on top of things. You really can make this stick with a bit of effort!

Now go do the difficult bit – and send us pics of your freshly cleaned homes! We’re looking for unique & quirky interiors to feature on the blog, so email to have your home showcased!

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