Ten signs you’re an actual grown up

Does anyone ever really feel like they’ve made it to adulthood? Probably not, but here are ten signs that you got there, even if you didn’t feel it happening!

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You choose your friends wisely

Five years ago your life was full of fickle friends, frenemies and falling outs. These days life is a lot simpler. You know who you can count on, who you have time for and who you’re going to be close to in the long run.

You don’t cling

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you feel a lot more secure in yourself. You don’t need to be with your partner every second of the day or constantly check up on them to prove you’re happy with them. If you’re single, you don’t need to chase after your date to validate yourself.

You know how to make more than one dish

Once upon a time all you knew how to cook was pasta. Now you have a few more dishes in your repertoire!

You enjoy sleep

Years ago, sleep was a necessity – now it’s a pleasure and a luxury. Nothing feels better than getting into your comfy PJs and curling up for a good night’s sleep.

Your wallet is full

Not necessarily with cash (though that would be nice) but with sensible things like change for parking, loyalty cards and so on.

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You know how to say no

Passing on parties that don’t strike your fancy? Saying no to work opportunities that don’t feel right? Turning down that second date? This is a sign that you know what you want (and don’t want) and you know how to express yourself.

You pay your bills on time

Direct debits, payments without prompting and a new talent for keeping an eye on your spending are all classic signs that you’re a bona fide grown up.

You don’t understand the latest fads

If you find yourself asking what the hell a Justin Bieber is or pondering what species a Kardashian might be, you may well be a grown up.

You’re not quick to anger

Once upon a time, the world was an easy, black and white place to navigate. Now you’re a bit older you can see all the shades of grey in between, so you’re a lot more understanding when a friend or loved one makes a mistake. Now you try to work out the whys and hows before getting cross and reacting.

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Everyone around you is getting married

Or having babies, or losing parents, or getting promotions. The time when you and your peers start experiencing the big life events is a massive signal that you’re finally cooked.

Being a grown up doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or enjoy the things you used to – it just means you know when you’ve had enough and you know how to take good care of yourself! Enjoy it!

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