What type of Valentine’s Day should you plan?

Are you a hopeless romantic or just hopeless at romance? Is Valentine’s Day an excuse to be soppy with your loved one or a cynical corporate holiday? Take our quiz to find out what sort of plans you should be making this Valentine’s Day.

Complete the sentence. Valentine’s Day is…

a.) A great excuse to plan a really special date or tell your crush how you feel.
b.) Fine if you’re with someone, awful if you’re single.
c.) A great money-making scheme for card and present companies.

Complete the sentence. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with…

a.) My other half. Or counting my Valentine’s cards from my many admirers.
b.) Myself.
c.) Whoever I happen to be with. I plan to ignore it entirely.

What do you think of giving gifts this Valentine’s Day

a.) I think it’s very romantic – and who doesn’t like gifts?
b.) Fine, but nobody’s given me a good gift in a very long time.
c.) Impersonal and gullible. Why not give gifts on days that mean something to you as a couple?

If you have a date this Valentine’s Day, what do you plan to wear?

a.) I plan to get really dressed up. It’s nice for us to both make an effort sometimes.
b.) It would depend on the date and where we were going.
c.) A onesie. My date is with the TV, ignoring Valentine’s Day.

You receive an anonymous Valentine in the post. What do you do?

a.) Just one? Feel flattered but shrug it off. If they really like me they’ll make themselves known some time.
b.) Try to find out who it is to see if I’m interested in them.
c.) Chuck it in the bin. Anyone who’s really interested in me can tell me to my face.

What’s your dream Valentine’s Day?

Mostly As

You’re a hopeless romantic and you absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a relationship or just batting off admirers, you adore the opportunity to show off your romantic side.

knots and kisses valentine ideas - Darling Lovely Life blog


For gifts, go with something romantic and traditional. Jewellery, roses, heart balloons, the whole deal. If you’re dropping hints for yourself, what could be more OTT romantic than this gorgeous diamond heart pendant from vashi.com? For a card, go with something pretty with a sweet message, like this adorable Valentine’s Day stationery from Knots and Kisses. And the big date? A romantic table for two at a secluded restaurant, of course. If you can’t splash out on Valentine’s Day, when can you?

Mostly Bs

You’ve been burned, but you don’t entirely hate Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship, do something extra special to get back in the spirit of things. If you’re single, grab your single mates and have a party, a la the movie, Valentine’s Day.

You're my favourite fireworks and cocktails - Darling Lovely Life blog


For a card, go with something short and sweet like this adorable message from Emma’s Invites on Etsy – it sends a message but it’s not too committal. You’re going to need something really personal and meaningful to restore your faith in Valentine’s Day, so if you’re in a relationship, seize the opportunity to express yourselves to each other. Whether you’re with someone or not, do something big to make yourself feel special, whether it’s indulging in these gorgeous pink cocktails with the girls (image courtesy of Collection 26 from one of their awesome events) or romantic fireworks (metaphorical or otherwise) with your other half.

Mostly Cs

You hate Valentine’s Day. It’s not that you’re not romantic, just that you don’t like being told you have to be. It’s OK, as long as you’re with someone who’s on the same page as you. If not, here are a few suggestions.

Don't panic - alternative Valentine ideas - Darling Lovely Life blog


If you’re in a relationship with someone who loves Valentine’s Day, at least get them a sarcastic card to show them that, even though you don’t care about the day, you care about them. The above card from AvEHdesigns on Etsy is perfect for Valentine’s Day-phobes. Then stay in all evening watching unromantic movies. Bonus points for horror movies that have you staying extra close. You know, for safety. And finally, get a piñata and smash it to pieces. My favourite is this particularly sickly adorable pony from Birthday Express.

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