My bucket list (100 things to do before I die)

Good morning all. It seems the flu wasn’t quite done with me after all, and I’m afraid I had a rather sleepless night. Today’s scheduled post will have to wait for next week though, because while the irritating tickling cough in my throat kept me awake, I lay there thinking of all the things I want to do with my life (or always wanted to do and have already achieved – I haven’t listed all of those here as, well, I already did them).

I thought I’d share mine here – and I’d LOVE for you guys to share some of yours in the comment box below. Some are fairly simple to achieve and some are my wildest dreams – but here they are, the 100 things I want to do before I die.

Sara and John Gibbs couple saying vows - Darling Lovely Life blog (c) Satureyes

Marry the love of my life – image © Satureyes

My bucket list

1. Go on a photography safari.
2. Have a novel published (I’d also like it to be successful, but published is the first step).
3. While we’re dreaming big, have a movie made out of my novel. Star in said movie.
4. Sleep under the stars.
5. See the Northern lights.
6. Do Route 66 from start to finish in a classic Chevy.
7. See a drive-in movie in aforementioned Chevy.
8. Be a parent.
9. Be a grandparent.
10. Be a great grandparent (hey, I’d like to last as long as I can).

Sara Gibbs and her blue car Betsey - Darling Lovely Life blog

Learn to drive

11. Own a dog.
12. Move to the west country.
13. Visit Bali. Go to the Monkey Forest in Ubud.
14. Become fluent in the languages I already speak.
15. Learn Italian.
16. Climb a tree. As a child, I was always too scared. As an adult, I was always too scared. Long story short, I’ve never climbed a tree.
17. Do a masters in journalism or creative writing just to feed the soul.
18. Learn interior design properly.
19. Own one of those sleeping bags with arms and legs. They look cool.
20. Write regularly for a major women’s glossy (I’ve written regularly for wedding mags and occasionally for glossies but never regularly).

Bucket list - have my own magazine column - Darling Lovely Life blog

Have my own magazine column

21. Learn to walk in heels.
22. Go on a shopping spree in Paris (also implied – be able to afford said shopping trip).
23. Go on a spa week.
24. Visit Amsterdam.
25. Become a much better photographer.
26. Have a full-time team at Darling Lovely Life.
27. Go back to California (in particular San Francisco) for a longer visit.
28. Have my own tree house.
29. Star in a musical.
30. Have my own band.

Bucket list - do a route 66 road trip - Darling Lovely Life blog

Do a Route 66 road trip

31. Have tea with JK Rowling (I already met her, but she’s cool and I’m greedy).
32. Host a Harry Potter-themed party.
33. Competently tell off a politician on live TV.
34. Go to Australia and do the Neighbours tour.
35. Guest star in an episode of Neighbours.
36. Learn to park straight.
37. Perfect and write down my mac & cheese recipe.
38. Posthumously write my dad’s life story for him.
39. Wear an Elie Saab haute couture dress.
40. Ride an elephant.

Bucket list - visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Darling Lovely Life blog

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

41. While I’m at it, ride a camel.
42. Visit the Amazon rainforest.
43. Finish that scarf I’ve been knitting for about seven years.
44. Knit a hat to match.
45. See a proper blizzard (out the window – from somewhere warm, preferably).
46. Read Wuthering Heights. I never got round to reading Wuthering Heights *hands back English degree*
47. Do a full weekend hiking and wild camping on Dartmoor.
48. Own a Nissan Figaro.
49. See the tunnel of lights in Japan.
50. Have a walk-in closet.

Bucket list - dress up as Bridezilla for Halloween - Darling Lovely Life blog

Dress up as Bridezilla for Halloween!

51. Find the perfect apple pie recipe.
52. Do an Eat Pray Love type trip to Italy in which I stuff my face with pizza all day and ride a gondola in Venice. And visit Juliet’s balcony in Verona. In fact, we are doing this in the summer.
53. Have a hot air balloon ride.
54. Visit a chocolate factory. Eat all the chocolate.
55. Do that thing where you throw paint at a big canvas. Or throw darts at paint-filled water balloons.
56. Go to a music festival. At the grand old age of 26 I’ve still never been to one.
57. Own a colossal collection of flower crowns.
58. Go on a spontaneous trip on the first available flight out of an airport.
59. Learn to play more than a few chords on the guitar.
60. Properly record and produce the songs I write.

Bucket list - have a hen party with two best friends - Darling Lovely Life blog

Have a hen party with the two most gorgeous girlies in my life.

61. Go to Ireland. See the round road.
62. Do a photo of the day for 365 days.
63. Be a bridesmaid. I’d be the best Monica from Friends bridesmaid.
64. Visit Machu Picchu
65. Visit India. See the Taj Mahal.
66. Go to carnival in Rio de Janerio.
67. Live in a gorgeous cottage in the countryside with a thatched roof and a rose garden.
68. Learn yoga properly. As a result learn some balance and coordination.
69. If they ever make the Arrested Development movie, be an extra in said movie.
70. Have a meal at Vanilla Black – Michelin starred veggie restaurant in London.

Bucket list - prove that animals can experience true love - Darling Lovely Life blog

Prove that animals can experience true love.

71. Get a random upgrade on a long-haul flight and fly first class.
72. Throw a surprise party that manages to stay a surprise.
73. Go on the Ellen show.
74. Have a 50th wedding anniversary.
75. Go tree camping in Germany.
76. Solve a crime.
77. Paint a mural.
78. See Holland in bloom.
79. Switch off my phone and internet for a week.
80. Have a rooftop dinner, complete with fairy lights.

Bucket list - graduate from university with both parents there - Darling Lovely Life blog

Graduate from university with both of my parents there.

81. Make a documentary.
82. Learn how to use Photoshop properly.
83. Sew myself a wearable outfit.
84. Learn self-defence.
85. Own a proper orthopaedic mattress.
86. Go grape stomping.
87. Camp out in a cinema and watch all of the Harry Potter movies back to back on the big screen.
88. Visit Auschwitz – such an important and heartbreaking part of my cultural history.
89. Learn to mix cocktails.
90. Go to the Lantern Festival in Taiwan.

Bucket list - camp in the desert - Darling Lovely Life blog

Camp in the desert.

91. Create my own family traditions.
92. Do a fairy-inspired photo shoot in which I’m dressed as a fairy (don’t ask me why, I honestly don’t have an answer for this one).
93. Have a mother-daughter holiday with my mum.
94. Have something I write online go viral (in a nice way).
95. Learn to say no!
96. Buy my father in law his boat.
97. Be there when my brother gets his PhD.
98. Learn how to pick a lock.
99. Learn how to play chess.
100. Die without regrets. I guess that’s something I’ll do while I die, not before.

Bucket list - spend a night at the Madonna Inn - Darling Lovely Life blog

Spend a night at the Madonna Inn.

PHEW! So that’s my 100-item bucket list. Do we share any list items? Are there any you have that aren’t on mine? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below!

2 Comments on My bucket list (100 things to do before I die)

  1. Stacey Brady
    February 21, 2014 at 2:55 pm (6 years ago)

    This certainly brightened up my afternoon, the perfect Friday read indeed! I must say your bucket list scarily denotes mine, spurring me on to start tackling those I’m yet to achieve. Keep up the good work Sara.


    • Sara - Darling Lovely Life editor
      February 21, 2014 at 3:57 pm (6 years ago)

      Aaw thanks Stacey – I’m so glad it made you smile! Thanks for the lovely comment and let me know how your bucket list ticking goes! xxx


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