Deadpan Cat solves your problems: how do I find, and kill, his ukulele?

IMG_4089Deadpan Cat does his best thinking in nature

Dear Deadpan Cat, My partner is learning to play the ukulele and as much as I’d like to support him in his latest endeavour, hearing him strum the same chords over and over again – it’s driving me crazy. How do I tell him without hurting his feelings? Thanks for your advice,

Ukulele Widow in Winchester

Deadpan Cat says:

Dear Ukulele Widow in Winchester,

He must stop this caterwauling at once, for your own sanity. However, if you feel I’m being a bit catty about it, there is a softer approach. Perhaps, if you’re too much of a soft kitty to discourage him entirely, you could find him a sound-proof rehearsal space. Failing that, buy him ukulele lessons. At least then he would improve slightly.

If all else fails and he remains as terrible as I imagine he is, take the opportunity to go out mouse catching during his ukulele practice, or whatever humans do when they leave the house. My humans never come home with any mice, so perhaps you need the practice just as much as he needs to improve his ukulele skills.


Deadpan Cat

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