How I made my vintage living room

Happy Tuesday folks and welcome to the latest interiors instalment. Our living room is still very much a work in progress, but it’s already one of my favourite spaces in the house, and not just because it’s where the TV lives.


We bought our sofa and armchair set on sale at Laura Ashley. The cushions are a mixture of Laura Ashley, eBay and

I wanted our home to have a modern, fashion edge with vintage themes and shapes. I tried to mix traditional sofa styles with contemporary and neutral colours.


There is a lot of white in our living room, which extends into our kitchen. To prevent it from looking too stark, I brought in pops of pastel colours everywhere, including our table and chairs set, which I painted and decoupaged from an old set we bought for £35 (for the table and a set of five chairs) at a car boot sale.


We decided on wallpaper above a white dado rail to bring in a touch of the vintage granny chic that I love so much without overdoing it and making it too busy. The wallpaper is Ballad Bouquet, which you can find at Wallpaper Direct.


We also decided on the risky tactic of putting floral over floral with these vintage oil paintings in ornate, gold-toned frames. We have these all over our house, almost exclusively from eBay sellers, but decided to stick to the same colours in this instance so that it would look seamless at a glance and wouldn’t clash.


Finally, to make the most of a relatively small space, we painted the floors and surrounding walls white, the white wooden floorboards creating length, and hung this ornate gold mirror to reflect yet more light around the room. With windows in the attached kitchen and living room, it’s the room with the most natural light in the whole house and is as great for taking our Darling Lovely Life snaps as it is for settling in for a movie or a good book.

After our next instalment, in which we reveal our Darling Lovely bedroom, we will finish our room-by-room interiors section. However, we want to feature YOUR homes. If you have a pastel pretty, vintage-inspired, glittered up or just plain quirky house or room, and would like to see it on the blog, please email with some quick snaps.

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  1. Annie
    January 14, 2014 at 11:20 pm (5 years ago)

    I love the floral over floral! Great job!


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