Four patterns and textiles for a modern vintage home

Morning Darling Lovelies! I’m a big fan of patterns – wallpapers, throws, curtains, bed covers – I really love things to be decorated. The thing is with going for a vintage look with a new / modern-style home is that it’s hard to be too full on without it looking inauthentic or like an attempt at reproduction. For those who can successfully install architectural antiques into their modern home, I say bravo. But for those who want to mix things up a bit and keep things vintage inspired but with a modern, chic edge, here are four textiles and patterns that you can use.



I know what you’re thinking – chevron is about as modern as you can get (unless you’re into heraldry or military / police style) but hear me out. Chevron is the perfect pattern for a room with other vintage-inspired features. For example, my bedroom has a big crystal-style chandelier and vintage-style painted floorboards. To balance out the look and give it a modern feel, I added chevron curtains and pops of pastel colours, vintage shapes but modern textiles. The room still looks young and fresh but has that inspiration from bygone eras.

Polka dots


I could write a thesis on the history of the polka dot, but I won’t. All I’ll say is polka dots are fabulous because they evoke a huge range of eras and are therefore really versatile. Red polka dots can give you that fifties rockabilly look, baby pink polka dots look great when trying to keep colours light and modern, or in a nursery, yellow polka dots look incredibly modern but still evoke that vintage feeling.

Cable knits


Cable knit throws and pillows look fantastic if you’re going for a country cottage feel. Sure, they aren’t exactly inexpensive, but they really make a room look expensive and casually chic at the same time. A cable knit throw at the end of your bed or draped over the side of your sofa and a jug of hand-tied garden flowers can bring a vintage country vibe to a more modern setting.



Where would I be without gorgeous floral patterns? From feature walls to curtains, bedspreads to bathroom tiles, roses and other flowery delights bring an instant vintage look to your home. Cath Kidston is a great place to source small accents for your kitchen and home, or go to car boot sales on the hunt for fabulous textiles to make your own cushions and soft furnishings. Go for a more realistic faded, antique rose look to age the room, or to pay homage to the vintage look in a room that has lots of other vintage features and still keep it modern, go for sharper colours and more stylised images.

What are your favourite patterns? Have you got any of the above in your home? We’d love to hear from you in the comment box below!

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  1. emma
    February 17, 2014 at 8:36 pm (5 years ago)

    I love florals – and Polka dots – and I’m getting into stripes, too..!
    You’re right – Cath Kidson is a wonderful starting point –
    but I feel it needs diltuing slightly, so not to be overwhelming… I find her shops a slightly overpowering experience!
    Emma :-)


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