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Deadpan Cat is taking a little break today because we have (dare we say) something even more exciting to talk about. Some of you might know that we didn’t start Darling Lovely Life from scratch. We did so with two years of experience and content from our previous venture, Under the Vintage Veil. As a result, we are already very close to the point where we will reopen sponsorship in addition to the freelance income made writing under the Darling Lovely Life brand.

We are in the really fortunate position to be able to take on a very talented writer. I always say that two heads are better than one and the lovely lady we’re introducing today is just bursting with enthusiasm, excellent ideas and an incredibly entertaining and enjoyable writing style – most importantly though, she is the very embodiment of a Darling Lovely Life girl. While Maddy will be doing some research, her main role here at Darling Lovely Life is to write more fantastic content for you all to enjoy (and she’ll be doing so from whichever incredible corner of the world she happens to be in – right now she’s in India). Some of you may remember her as she won her wedding photography with Cassandra Lane on our blog and was subsequently featured along with hubby Simon. She’s been a huge supporter of Under the Vintage Veil and then Darling Lovely Life for several years now. Without further ado… meet Madeleine Noble-Jones… AKA Maddy.

Introducing our newest Darling Lovely team member… Maddy!


Image © 2012 Cassandra Lane Photography

When Maddy was little, she wanted to be a journalist with perfect hair who drove a white Porsche (Maddy says: “I think I saw Crocodile Dundee one too many times and became smitten with the leading lady”). Unfortunately, while our budget doesn’t quite stretch to the white Porsche (sorry, dudette) we are really excited to fuel Maddy’s passion for journalism and writing.

In fact, Maddy first wanted to be a writer for the best reason (AKA the same reason I did). She first became interested in writing when she realised she had a lot to say and people didn’t necessarily want to hear everything she was thinking right at that moment in time. Plus she had a really wild imagination! She was always writing stories as a little girl, which soon progressed into telling stories through acting when she (her words) realised what a drama queen she was (others apparently liked to make this clear to her), and now, as an adult, she has created a life where she is able to be all of these things.

Maddy’s favourite guilty pleasures are procrastination (she informs me she’s really, really good at this), gin, chocolate, bad dancing (especially to Tina Turner), watching endless hours of box sets (Maddy: “Gossip Girl – I’ve said it”).


Maddy loves lace, blogging, fancy dress, her MacBook Air, Instagram, cats, cats on Instagram, pretty things, pretty things on Instagram, barbecues, eating her husband’s cooking, the smell of clean laundry, doing people’s hair and make up, big hair, pink, purple, Indian food, cake, getting a tan, travelling particularly to India where she is currently living, wearing sarongs, music (especially anything involving an acoustic guitar), and musicals (Evita is the favourite this year – the vintage costumes were apparently awesome – I will have to remind myself). Oh, and her husband, her family and her friends, of course!

Maddy doesn’t love lying (she has the worst poker face), competitive sport (she says she’s also really, really bad at this, which makes two of us), mean people (whilst she doesn’t claim to be a saint, she feels each moment is the opportunity to see that life really is too short), anything before 10am, whiskey, spiders and other bugs, wearing high heels (try as she might, she just can’t walk in them), her bank account (does anyone?), horror movies, seagulls (an incident involving a doughnut happened in her youth – editor’s note, I had a probably similar incident involving an ice cream), things that make her jump, the dark, reality TV (Maddy: “especially the ones about…no…actually, all of them”).

Maddy first came across Darling Lovely Life when she was planning her wedding and developed an obsession with wedding blogs, and entered a competition on Under the Vintage Veil (Maddy says: “which I WON! I mean, WE WON!”) for the lovely Cassandra Lane to shoot her wedding. Then she found out she had a mutual friend with Sara (gosh, real non-internet related life) and the rest is history!

Maddy lives in a pretty awesome way. She has been travelling for the past year through India (Maddy: “yes the food is amazing and no not everyone gets sick”) and then south east Asia (she could list the top five pad Thai places in northern Thailand) and is still technically on honeymoon despite having had her wedding in August 2012. No plans for stopping yet either!


Maddy’s favourite animal is CATS. OHMYGODILOVECATSSOMUCH. PURR…Brought up by a family of cat lovers, it was always her destiny to be in love with cats which she has fulfilled wholeheartedly.

Maddy’s personal style is mishmash of pink, purple, glitter, often with white lace something, and general girliness. She tried to fight it for a long time and at least try wearing grey, but why fight who you are? Her husband has now come to live in the amount of pink and purple in his life.

If Maddy could decorate any way she wanted, she would paint her home pink and purple. Amazingly, her husband fulfilled this dream by finding a pink palace within budget in which to reside for a few months in Goa this winter. Maddy says it’s perfect. It even has gold bits. No kidding. The rest of the Darling Lovely Life team is very jealous.

If Maddy had to eat one food for the rest of her life, it would have to be her homemade Cornish pasties (yes she’s Cornish and no she doesn’t make the puff pastry, not even Jamie Oliver makes his own puff pastry). Guests always love it when she makes these which means she could always have people round for dinner even if she got a little bored with the same meal every day for the rest of her life.

So that’s our Maddy! Over the next few days you’ll notice her profile and Darling Lovely Life contact details appear in the “about us” section of the blog, but in the meantime give her a warm welcome!

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