Sunday motivations: wake up and make it happen

Hello Darling Lovely readers! Are you all ready for today’s Sunday motivational quote? Take five minutes and let this gem sink in.



I have a friend who’s been telling me for at least ten years that he’s going to be a millionaire in the next six months. So why isn’t he yet rolling in money and buying us all expensive presents?

Dreaming is a wonderful thing – I strongly believe in the power of thought and imagination, it’s where creativity starts. However, a dream is only a dream if it has no foundation in reality. Unless you’re going to wake up and face the practical realities of making your dream happen, it will forever remain that: just a dream. My dad used to say that it takes years to become an overnight success, the goal is all very well, but putting in the hard work is how you’ll achieve it.

I think this quote is also important because sometimes we’re so busy dreaming that we forget to appreciate what we have in reality, which can be just as good as (if not better than) our dreams!

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