Sunday motivations: don’t run from difficulty

Ahh sweet Sunday – it’s a day for baking, smiling, relaxing and being happy. That’s why we choose this brilliant day of chill to bring you our weekly motivational quotes. Today’s is one of my favourites!



Pain, difficulty, hard work… these are all things that are massively tempting to avoid. Nobody wants to have to be in pain, nobody wants life to be unpleasant. However, the best way out of a difficult situation is to go through it.

I have a theory (and I’m pretty sure there’s some theology or philosophy here to back me up ;) ) that if we avoid one of life’s sticky lessons it comes back bigger and badder. Yes, badder.

When we go through pain, we grow. My dad passing away was one of the most awful, growthful times of my life. I learned more about myself in those few months than the rest of my life combined. If I’d avoided the pain, I’m sure I would have got stuck in it a lot longer and it would have reared its ugly head some other way. Be brave, face whatever you’re going through head on and go through it. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you come out the other side.

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