My five must-have winter beauty products

Winter is a tricky time of year for beauty. Personally, I go out less, so I honestly tend to let my beauty routine slip a little. The cold can be very drying, leaving my very curly hair in need of some desperate de-frizzing, lips chapped, skin thirsty – it can be a bit of a bleak picture. Luckily, I do have five winter products that are absolute godsends when it comes to taking care of myself.

The first thing I would suggest, before any beauty products, is staying hydrated, eating fruit and veg (who can resist a hearty winter soup?) and taking any vitamins or supplements your diet is lacking. With so many bugs going around, the heating on full blast and the stress of getting organised before the holidays, it can be easy to miss your body’s signs that it needs some TLC.

So without further ado…

My five must-have winter beauty products

For my hair – Hair Doctor hair mask, £6.95 at Lush

lush hair doctor

Nothing works faster for my very disobedient hair than Hair Doctor by Lush. It’s a fresh, stimulating hair mask made from seaweeds and mud. I have an extraordinary amount of hair and I get at least three uses out of one tub within the four-week recommended time frame that it’s kept in the fridge, so its £6.95 price tag is definitely worth it for a course of several treatments depending on your hair type. I’ve found that it really does soften and tame my hair, but it’s also really pleasant to use in the bath, it tingles slightly making it really invigorating for your scalp too.

For my lips – Carmex lip balm £2.95 at Boots

carmex lip balm



There’s no need to spend a fortune on your lips – good old Carmex is £2.95 at Boots, comes in a range of flavours (strawberry and mint are my favourites) and works just as well as the most high-end product. Many make-up artists that I know use it as a standard lip balm in their kits and I don’t go anywhere without mine – not a chapped lip in sight.

For my eyes – all about eyes £25 – £40 at Clinique

clinique all about eyes


Yes, the price tag on this product is steep, but I promise you if you put a 15ml jar of all about eyes by Clinique on your wish list (£25) this year and Santa is nice enough to leave one in your stocking, it will last you ages (you only need a tiny bit each application) and it will eliminate any post boozy Christmas party bags under your eyes. A pro tip, apply all about eyes just above your eye socket, rather than directly under your eyes.

For my hands – Dr Hauschka hand cream, £12.50 for 50ml

Dr Hauschka hand cream


Dr Hauschka is one of my favourite beauty brands, and this hand cream is a winter staple. It’s thick and rich without being oily, which makes it really nice to use, and as with all Dr Hauschka products, the hand cream has that gorgeous, natural scent that makes you really feel pampered.

For my face – Skin Food, £8.95 for 75ml at Weleda

weleda skin food


Another eco-friendly brand with biodynamic and organic ingredients, Weleda is one of my all-time favourite beauty secrets and Skin Food is, in my opinion, their best product. It’s ideal for very dry, winter skin – so if you have combination skin like me, a little bit on problem areas like cheeks and your forehead should make all the difference. In fact, you can use it all over your body. Loved by celebrities like Adele, this is an award-winning simple but effective winter face cream that will last you ages and keep your skin glowing and beautiful.

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