Five new years resolutions that will actually improve your life

WEIGHT LOSS! No, I’m totally kidding. Unless you desperately want to or really feel you need to, promise me you won’t make weight loss your number one resolution this new year! Not to sound lecture-y but that’s a total cop out – there are so many amazing ways you can improve your life and, by extension, the world around you, with very little effort, so instead of half-heartedly hitting the gym for a few weeks, have a read and think about these:

Buy yourself fresh flowers every week

Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers – give yourself a treat, once a week, even once a month. What difference will flowers make to your life, I hear you ask? Well, aside from being beautiful to look at, they will also make you feel more at home, encourage you to keep your house tidy so you have somewhere lovely to display them and make you feel special and deserving of such a precious weekly gift.


Learn compassion, kindness and empathy

I always say the world would be a better place if we judged less and empathised more. While it’s more fun in the short term to spit vitriol, in the long term it’s honestly like poisoning yourself. Next time you hear about someone who’s made choices you wouldn’t make, or suffers from a condition or circumstances you don’t understand, pause before you judge and try to feel for them instead. By extension, next time a friend calls you with a problem, before trying to fix it, try listening and understanding first.

Spend time with animals

There is no quicker or easier way to feel wonderful than to give a cat a cuddle, or to be gazed at lovingly by your loyal pooch. Animals have a wonderful, playful, empathic and calming energy that can only be healing. Every time I feel sad, ill, tired or just a little off, one of my kitties cheers me up, either by doing something cute, disastrously distracting or heartwarmingly understanding (they really do know).


Get creative

It’s no secret that I suffer from anxiety, I’ve spoken about it many times on the blog before. Nothing calms me down like a creative project. If I’m starting to get stuck in my head or in a negative pattern of thinking, I sit down and I paint something, or I pick up my camera and I take photos. If you’re not particularly creative, why not make your new year’s resolution to take a short course and learn a craft, just for the love of learning?

Reflect regularly

Are you one of those people (like me) who thinks they’re right all the time? Are you someone who comes to quick judgements and then sticks with them? Do you hold grudges? Do you feel hard done by? The best thing you can do is give yourself space once a week to sit and reflect on the things that have been bothering you, having the courage to approach them with an open mind and heart. You may well come to the same conclusions, but unless you check yourself regularly, how do you know you’re always doing the right thing for you?

The Darling Lovely Life team wishes you a happy and healthy new year!

2 Comments on Five new years resolutions that will actually improve your life

  1. George
    December 31, 2013 at 5:42 am (5 years ago)

    Very good advice!

  2. Emma
    January 2, 2014 at 9:38 pm (5 years ago)

    Weekly / monthly flower buying is an awesome resolution. They always brighten up the house and make me smile but I NEVER buy them for myself. Happy New Year, lovely xx


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