Sunday motivations: fake Buddha wisdom

*Yawn* happy Sunday, campers! I have a gem of a quote today which is actually often incorrectly attributed to the teachings of the Buddha (although I’m sure he’d agree with it). Nobody really knows who came up with this one, but whoever they were, they knew what they were talking about: quote11I once had a friend who let me down really badly. Needless to say I felt angry, I’d expected more of that friend and really felt disappointed by their actions. After cutting ties with them, I was ranting to another friend about just how angry I was. That’s when the friend I was ranting at sent me the above quote.

My former friend didn’t care that I was angry. They were completely unaffected, their life went on as usual. So who was my anger hurting? Well, me. I was the one who was stressed, bitter, upset, wasting energy that could have been used more productively on being hopping mad. Not that I’d want someone else to suffer just because they’d upset me, but even if I had, it would be a futile endeavour. My ex-friend was completely unscathed and I was the one suffering.

Sometimes in life, people do crappy things – we’re all only human and we’re all trying our best – name me one person who hasn’t done something crappy in their life. But we have three choices as to how we react to other people’s crapness (totally a word): resolve the situation and forgive, cut our losses and move on or just be angry.

Personally, that last one doesn’t make much sense to me. Next time you find yourself furious at somebody, remember that you’re hurting yourself and not them, send the situation love and move on to better things.

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