Make your own sparkly Christmas party bunting and drink stirrers

Ho ho ho. There’s certainly a chill in the air and Christmas is right around the corner. For festive parties and weddings, red and green don’t have to be the be all and end all of holiday decorations. For my fellow glitterbugs, I’ve put together some sparkly Christmas craft tutorials. These are easy, quick, fun and are perfect for both parties and weddings. Enjoy!


For bunting, you will need:

♥ Scissors
♥ A pen
♥ Sparkly card (you can buy this from Hobbycraft)
♥ Thin, plain ribbon
♥ A hole punch
♥ A spare piece of cardboard


Step one

Make a heart-shaped template out of the spare card.


Step two

Turn the glittery card upside down and draw carefully around the template on the back of the glittery card.


Step three

Cut carefully around where you’ve drawn so that you’re left with a heart shape. Save the off cuts for later (you’ll see why).


Step four

Repeat as many times as necessary depending on the desired length (or lengths) of bunting.


Step five

Punch holes in the corners of your heart shapes and lay them out in the order you’d like to string them together.


Step six

Cut a length of ribbon (make sure you cut more than you need, you can always trim later) and thread through the holes making sure you go round the back, rather than the front of the sparkly card.


Step seven

Sit back and enjoy your sparkly bunting before using the off cuts for the next project below!


For drink stirrers, you will need

♥ Stick glue
♥ Scissors
♥ Spare card
♥ Off cuts of glittery card
♥ Bamboo skewers


Step one

Cut any necessary templates, such as heart or star shapes. Make sure you make them in even numbers as they will need to be glued together. For flags and crowns, cut strips.


Step two

For flags, cover the back of a strip of sparkly card in glue, wrap around the top of the bamboo skewer, press firmly together and cut a triangle shape out of it. For crowns, cover the back of a strip of card in glue, fold it in half and cut triangles to form a three-pronged crown shape. Then insert the bamboo skewer in the middle of the shape and firmly secure. For heart shapes, cover the backs of two shapes in glue and firmly press them around the top of the bamboo skewer so that they match up.


Step three

Make some fabulous cocktails, sit back and stir. Merry Christmas!

IMG_2569 IMG_2574

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