Deadpan Cat solves your problems: I’m single and lonely


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How do I meet a special lady?

Dear Deadpan Cat,

I need help with the dating game! I’m 29, most of my friends are taken and I’m struggling to meet the right girl – or any for that matter. I’m not the best looking guy in the world, but I’m loving, romantic and I just want someone to share some laughter and fun times with.  What do you suggest I do to meet the right girl?

Lonely in Leicester

Dear Lonely in Leicester

I met my girlfriend while I was chewing grass outside. She catwalked over to me and asked if she could share my patch of lawn. We fel-ine love!! 

Maybe you could find a girlfriend through shared interests. From what I can tell from my pet humans, humans like to go poo cleaning, food opening and door opening together. They also like to disappear for hours at a time and then come back in their tin mogwagon. 

Perhaps you could join a club for other people who like to open boxes of food, for example, and find a girlfriend who shares your love of pouring it into the bowl?


Deadpan Cat

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