How to pull off your first dance – a guest post by Forever First Dance Company

A first dance symbolises the start of a couple’s married life. But for many couples, it can also be a source of anxiety in the run up to the big day. Luckily today on the blog, help is at hand with Zoe Puliston, director of Forever First Dance Company.

Forever First Dance Company is an expert team of the UK’s leading choreographers. Each teacher has extensive teaching and performing experience, between them having graced the stages of Dirty Dancing, Chicago, Fame and Hairspray as well as dancing for international superstars such as Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Madonna and Leona Lewis.

Couples are assigned a specialist choreographer based on the style of dance they would like to learn and are taught in the comfort and privacy of their own home or Forever First Dance Company’s spacious London studio, with a teacher for every type of technique. Today we’re learning the basics – how to pull off that all-important first dance. I’ll hand over to Zoe for some expert advice…


We definitely needed this – for our first dance we sort of stood there and rotated on the spot, masking the fact that neither of us can dance with inappropriate wedding smooching. Also I hate that word. Image © Satureyes 

Ten tips for pulling off an unforgettable first dance

1. Think carefully about your song choice –  So many clients ask me what I would recommend for the best first dance song. I always advise that they choose as song they absolutely love and that means something to them both, reminds them of each other or will make them smile every time they hear it.

2. Listen to the lyrics –  Some songs sound like they should be love songs, but delve deeper and you might get a shock! Sometimes when you actually listen to what your song is about it may not be appropriate for a first dance, whether it’s a break up song or worse! Lyrics are as important as the tune when it comes to expressing how you feel about each other.

3. Practice – Practice makes perfect. Not even professional dancers would think about dancing with out a rehearsal. Unless you have time to dedicate to practicing just dance to half of your song of the verse and chorus and then have your guests come and join your for the rest of your song. Practicing your first dance can also be a fun way for you both to spend some quality time together and let off steam in the run up to your big day.

4. Structure – Think about the structure of your dance – I always recommend walking onto the dance floor when you song has already started instead of waiting awkwardly in the middle of the dance floor, and have your ending planned so that you don’t awkwardly shuffle off either!

5. Shoes – Make sure to practice in your bridal shoes (a great way to break them in and avoid blisters on the night) or shoes with a similar fit and heel. My top tip: if you are going to practice in your bridal shoes wear socks over the front to avoid you fiancé scuffing them.

first dance 1

Image © Forever First Dance Company

6. Confidence – What ever style you choose, dance it with confidence and don’t worry if you go wrong – its only you two that actually know what steps you are supposed to be doing. If you’re having fun, everybody else will enjoy themselves too.

7. Talk to each other – Feel free to talk to each other during your dance – perhaps tell each other what’s coming next! Your guests will think you’re whispering sweet nothings to each other and you will get great photos as your faces will look relaxed.

8. Don’t look back – Never walk backwards in your dress. Enquire about having a bustle so you can hook up a long dress train or consider a shorter dress for the evening party (a word from Sara – a very long dress can seriously rain on your parade if you plan on dancing the night away). If you have a strapless wedding dress ensure the moves are suitable to avoid any wardrobe mishaps or that you’re securely strapped in.

9. Band vs DJ – If you have a band playing your first dance be prepared that it may be a different tempo to what your used to. Perhaps ask the band if they can send you a recording in advance and to stick to that tempo on the night. If a DJ is playing your track, I would recommend emailing them the track to ensure you have the correct version of the song, particularly if it’s been covered a few times.

10. Have fun – Finally enjoy yourselves and have fun dancing as husband and wife for the first time. As I said, if you are having a great time your guests will too. After all, they are there to support you and see you have the best time on your wedding day.

first dance 2

Image © Forever First Dance Company

For more information on Forever First Dance and to make an enquiry/booking please visit, call their booking hotline on 0845 519 6491 or email

Are you dreading your first dance? Have you got anything special planned or are you keeping it simple? We’d love to hear from you in the comment box below!

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