Veilgirls… Emmy Scarterfield of Emmy Shoes chats design, inspiration and the wedding industry


Good morning everyone. Today on the blog, we are so, so lucky to have one of Britain’s most respected luxury bridal shoe designers in the Veilgirls hotseat. Emmy Scarterfield has seen a meteoric rise to success with her unique and beautiful brand, Emmy Shoes. With a history working for luxury brands such as Bottega and Armani, Emmy took her considerable design skills and love of vintage design and married them to make swoon-worthy wedding shoes and accessories that are honestly like pieces of art in themselves. Now one of the UK’s most sought after shoes and accessories designer, we chat to Emmy about her journey to business success.

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Veilgirls – Emmy Scarterfield of Emmy Shoes

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How did you first get into design and how did your interest in designing accessories and shoes develop?

I studied at Cordwaines, a specialist shoes college in London. I always wanted to be a shoe designer – I feel lucky in the sense that I do a job that I love, but also I always knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life – a real blessing. I grew up in Somerset, in a village called Chilcompton. It is house to super brand Mulberry – a career in luxury accessories seemed completely attainable. I always loved shoes, one of my earliest memories (at about two years old) is putting wooden building blocks in my socks to create high heels!

Emmy Shoes - Poppy High with Maya Fan shoe clip - £510

You had an extremely impressive with top brands such as Bottega and Armani. What were the most important design and business lessons you learned from these experiences?

In terms of design, I truly believe that quality, attention to detail and the finish wins out every time. In terms of business I quickly learnt that as a designer/business woman you have to completely believe and be passionate about the whole picture, not just product. The brand image, the marketing, the team, the package – every aspect has to be spot on. This is what drives me and keeps me very busy!

You get a lot of your inspiration from vintage designs. Do you have a particular era or style that you like to draw from? What are your other influences?

I love the 1920s and ‘30s because I am drawn to the glamour and elegance of that era. However, in the collection there are influences from the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s too. My inspiration very rarely comes from shoes. I find architecture – windows/doors etc really beautiful and these are often the starting point of my designs. Plus insects and other intricate structures are inspirations to lots of the detailing.

Emmy Shoes sorrell - £525

How would you describe an Emmy bride?

An Emmy bride is a woman who appreciates the finishing touches, believes in investment pieces and the art of indulgence! For most Emmy brides, the chance to wear beautiful bridal shoes is as important as the dress. Shoe lover or no shoe lover, every woman deserves their own Cinderella moment, right?

Do you have any mentors or fashion designers that particularly inspire you?

Jenny Packham has been hugely inspirational and influential in the evolution of Emmy. I also have a fabulous financial advisor, I like to call him business counsellor – he manages to keep me focused, on track and allows the pleasure of reorganising my goals and achievement.

Emmy - Francesca Band £315

Your designs are famous in their intricate and luxurious detail. Is detail a staple of Emmy shoes and will that level of detail continue through future lines?

Detail is hugely important, but actually what makes an Emmy shoe stand out from the crowd is the silhouette, the comfort and the timeless, elegant quality.  As a development team, we are committed to maintaining this going forward.

How would you describe Emmy shoes in ten adjectives?

Beautiful, elegant, stunning, sparkle, wearable comfortable, transforming, feminine, addictive, unique and hand finished.


What is your top tip for brides to be?

Be yourself, treat yourself to the best for your budget. It is a once in a lifetime day and the memories last a lifetime.

What is your top business tip for women starting out in the wedding industry?

Definitely believe in yourself and follow your instincts. The bridal industry is real joy to work in. I absolutely love my job, I’m surrounded by beautiful things, and meet genuinely lovely people at the happiest time of their life. There’s really something very special about helping a person with such a big decision about their wedding day, to be part of that is immensely fulfilling. I am ambitious and hugely driven and feel very lucky to be doing a job I love and have the balance of family life.

Emmy Shoes - Frida - Price on Request

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