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Happy Tuesday everyone! Welcome back to our specialist column by the wonderful, award-winning stylist and owner of The Little Wedding Helper, Kirsten Butler! Every fortnight, Kirsten covers a styling item and how it can be used in clever ways at your wedding! This week, Kirsten gets creative with doors – a beautifully symbolic gateway into married life and a potentially stunning styling item! Over to Kirsten to show us how it’s done…

Styling with doors 

I love buying furniture. I’m incredibly lucky to live next to a number of really well stocked second hand shops and charity shops and I’m constantly coming home with side tables, armchairs and mirrors that were just too beautiful to leave there. And something I love just as much? Popping it all outside. I don’t mean leaving it by my front door hoping a friendly passer by will love it as much as me and give it a new home. No! I mean using indoor items for styling outdoor spaces. Or just placing something in an unexpected spotlight – like Audrey Hepburns bathtub sofa.

And lately I can’t get doors out of my mind!


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Old doors can be found in skips, reclamation yards, propped up outside your unsuspecting neighbours house, and if you’re really keen on a door in your house then you could always take it off its hinges and bring it along. Be sure to check the weather though – if they get wet the wood will warp, and you’ll never get it to close again.


Image sources A Typical Type A, Green Wedding Shoes, Image three

Start your walk down the aisle by entering through a set of closed doors. Or prop them at the other end of the aisle and say your vows underneath them. Cover them with flowers or streamers or leave them bare! Indoors or out, this will give you a beautiful backdrop for those all important photos of you exchanging vows and rings and can make for some really fun photo ideas with your wedding party later on too. Doors can be painted to match your chosen palette and add a touch of colour to a venue you might not be able to alter otherwise.


Image sources – Image one

But the possibilities don’t end with styling the aisle. Doors could be used to hang old family photographs, your seating plan, flowers, or even used as signposts for guests when they first arrive.

And to finish, a simple question for you. When is a door not a door?

Did you use doors to style your big day? We’d love to see pictures! Pop links in the comment box below. Or if you have any questions for Kirsten on how to use doors (or anything else) in your styling, leave us some comment love!

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