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the DIY desktop

Today’s DIY expert is none other than Charlotte Wilden of Wilden Bride London. Charlotte’s beautiful designs have been described as ethereal, fashionably quirky and elegantly glamorous. Inspired by vintage and bohemian styles, I’ve seen her work close up and let me tell you, it’s truly swoon-worthy! Such beauty, of course, requires proper presentation! Charlotte is on hand today to show you lovely brides how to show off THE dress in style – with a personalised name wire coat hanger! Over to Charlotte…

I love it when I see pictures of my dresses and they have been re-hung on a personalised hanger! I think they’re super cute and add a lovely finishing touch. It’s really easy to make your own too.

What you need:

Wire (I bought wired cord from VV Rouleaux to make mine – to work out how much you need, draw out your name and map it out with a piece of string, then measure your string. Make sure your wire isn’t so thick as to be illegible when folded.)
A hanger
Optional decorative pieces.

How to make your own

First of all write your name in joined-up writing to give yourself a template.

I sketched out my name a few times, in joined-up writing and I would recommend doing a few versions before you settle on the final pattern. This allows you to figure out how you will mould your name with the wire with as few parts that double-back on themselves as possible, otherwise it might start to look a bit thick and messy.

Images © Charlotte Wilden

SDC10914 SDC10916

As the covered wire is thicker than pen, any linking lines will be much more obvious, so I figured out the design in two parts.
You could even make each letter individually if you like, then the different letters and parts can be stitched together and attached to your hanger.


If you want to get really crafty, you can decorate further with anything you like, like beads, tiny flowers, or even add a corsage.

Some top tips from Under the Vintage Veil:

Think about your dress and colour scheme so that your hanger looks extra beautiful in your pictures.
If you have time, you and your bridesmaids could make personalised hangers for your wedding party to add a really sweet touch.
The hanger itself will make a big difference to the overall look. A fabric hanger will look more luxurious but a wire hanger will look more modern and edgy.

And the finished product… drum roll….


Had a bash at making your own? We’d love to see your pictures! Post links in the comment box below and show us your efforts! 

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