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Happy Tuesday everyone! Welcome back to our specialist column by the wonderful, award-winning stylist and owner of The Little Wedding Helper, Kirsten Butler! Every fortnight, Kirsten covers a styling item and how it can be used in clever ways at your wedding! This week, Kirsten is taking on one of my favourite little crafty touches, embroidery!

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Image © Frances Taylor Photography 

Embroidery, an almost forgotten art form that makes our minds turn to days gone by.

There was a time, before we had iPads in our hands, when you’d buy a plain tablecloth and embroider the corners yourself, rather than hiring them for a wedding or occasion. Women used to know all sorts of intricate designs and stitches and they’d pass this knowledge through the generations, by teaching their own daughters. Hours were spent hunched over a sampler of handkerchief, and all that skill went into creating beautiful gifts and heirlooms. I’d really love to lean how to embroider, and perhaps one day teach my daughter, Ella.

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Image © Jo Hansford Photography

Vicky Trainor at The Vintage Drawer creates stunning bespoke embroideries for couples by hand. She also created my own Little Wedding Helper embroidery, which hangs in pride of place in my office. By mixing different techniques and fabric samples, her work is almost an embroidered collage, a real piece of art for you to remember your wedding by. As well as samples displayed in embroidery hoops, Vicky also creates personalised napkins for your table, and beautiful cushions for your seating arrangements.

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Images © Albert Palmer Photography 

One bride I worked with added a personal touch to her wedding decor by hand embroidering her table numbers (she also used buttons and we remember how much I love those). Although it can be time consuming embroidering items yourself can be a way of using fabrics that really mean something to you. You can get some of your friends over and embroider together, creating keepsakes you really will treasure after the confetti has been swept away.

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Images © Alex Beckett Photography

And these embroideries, by Dottie Designs,  are actually machine embroidered. I particularly love the way that the colours of the fresh flowers match those in the embroidery so perfectly – it’s incredibly vibrant, summery, and fun.

Embroidering is a fantastic way to personalise your big day favours, place settings, table numbers and more. It’s something for your guests to truly treasure for years to come. 

Did you embroider for your wedding? We’d love to see your pictures! Comment below or email

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