Florist’s Corner – Nancy and Bolly’s Weekly Floral Factfile #4 Delicate Nigellas

Florst's Corner

Welcome to week four of our ongoing campaign to make Wednesdays the prettiest day on the blog. Our regular columnists, fabulous, vintage-loving florists, Nancy Moon Flowers have already brought us a special factfile on Dahlias, a write up on heavenly Hydrangeas and a romantic report on Peonies. Nancy and Bolly are the dream duo from Nancy Moon Flowers with a nostalgia for old style romance and a time when a gentleman would greet a lady with a pretty flower.

Every week, Nancy and Bolly will share their flower of the week with you to help you learn all about the world of wedding flowers, which flowers are in season for your big day, how much you might expect them to set you back and which flowers to match them with for the perfect floral love affair!

If there’s a particular flower you want to learn about for your big day, drop us a line ( or leave a comment in the box below,  and we’ll ask Nancy and Bolly to give us their insight. With years of experience behind them, the team at Nancy Moon Flowers are experts in all things flowers and will be able to match you with your perfect blooms.

This week, Nancy and Bolly are exploring the fine and delicate world of the Nigella flower (also known as Love in a Mist), perfect for creating that soft and pretty look and standing their ground next to standout blooms. Here’s what they had to say:

nigella floral factfile

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