Five fabulous favours your guests will appreciate

I often get asked about my stance on wedding favours. Many brides are opting to forgo them altogether, finding the prospect of spending their precious budget on something guests might not even notice or take home with them (OK, maybe that was just me). So I put my thinking cap on for you traditional brides who want to keep up the custom of handing out favours but don’t want their efforts to go unnoticed. 

Five fabulous favours your guests will appreciate


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Something useful

A tasteful fridge magnet, a bottle opener, a little mirror, a little teacup, a mini fan (especially in this weather)… these are all examples of favours your guests might find useful, not just on the day but for years to come. Every time your friends take a sip out of their teacup or open a bottle with the favour you left them, they’ll think of your big day and the great time they had.

Something entertaining

Waiting around for the meal to start, or sitting for long gaps before the speeches start or while dessert is being brought out can be tedious. It can also be hard work trying to get to know someone you either don’t know at all or wouldn’t usually choose to hang out with. Something entertaining like a fun game pack, a deck of cards (you can have these personalised with your wedding date) or a trivia book can really break the ice and make time fly.

Something edible

Unless you’ve oversupplied the canapés, by the time the guests get to your meal, they’ll be H-U-N-G-R-Y!!! Weddings take up a lot of energy for your guests, there’s often a great deal of standing, talking to people you don’t know very well and, once seated for the meal, waiting for it to come out and for your table to be served or your turn to be called for the buffet.

Something edible will be so welcome. A popular favourite is chocolate. I was recently sent a PR sample of some gorgeously delicious Lily O’Brien’s gourmet chocolates all the way from Ireland (we particularly loved the milk chocolate crispy hearts which are sold as individual favours – just perfect). The Under the Vintage Veil has been munching away and we keep saying how we should have had chocolate on our big day! That would have left big smiles on everyone’s faces, rather than 100 abandoned napkins that we slaved over for months!


Something personalised

Who doesn’t like seeing their name on things? I love personalised wedding favours – they’re a lot of work but they’re a really nice touch for your guests. We suggest stamping as a quick way of personalising things, or if you’re crazy amazing at sewing, embroidering people’s initials (but only if you’re prepared to spend a very, very, very long time on it!) One tip is that if you’re doing something extremely time consuming like embroidering, only embroider people’s first initials. That way it’s not too much of a wasted effort if they suddenly can’t make it – you can recycle and give to someone else or even sell their favour online.

Something heartwarming

Sometimes money really can’t buy you love. I have friends whose favours were simply a little handwritten note with something personal for each guest – a message or a photograph of you and the guest telling that person what they mean to them. Of course, that can be a bit more difficult with plus ones and children etc. so if you think that would be too hard a task, a little inspirational message or uplifting quote can be just as lovely. Get scribbling!

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