A midsummer night’s dream – vintage meets whimsical wedding shoot

Happy Tuesday and welcome back after a short reduced-service break on the blog! Boy do we have something special for you today – the most wonderful, whimsical shoot to ever grace our pages. This is genuinely squee-worthy! It takes me right back to childhood games and that magical feeling that midsummer brings around. With elements of vintage style mixed in with whimsical Shakespearean costume, this fashion fairytale fusion had me desperate to feature right away. Shot by the exceptionally talented Nikki Sheffield Photography, and styled by artist and shoot stylist, Christine Maciocia, I’ll hand over to the team to tell you all about their inspiration for this wonderful set of images:

“Our magical fairy wedding styled shoot was a collaboration between a group of creative friends in different fields.  One a stylist/artist, one a photographer, one a hair & make-up artist and two gorgeous models.  We wanted to create a love story between two people with a fairy, whimsical, magical feel.

It was shot in our stylist Christine’s garden which has a mystical feel and lends itself to story telling as there are lots of secret areas that you discover by walking down a wooded path.

We all got together and decided to create a fairy wedding story. The fairies were dressed in soft, flowing, whimsical costumes with Marie-Francoise in a floating dress with beautiful white fairy wings and a stunning head garland and Christopher in a taupe waist coast, handmade lace cuffs and handkerchief and a crown with feathers.  We wanted to set the scene of the two fairies looking for their true love desperate to find each other in the wooded area, seeing each other for the first time, falling hopelessly in love and marrying.

Christine is a master of colour and extremely creative – she supplied all the amazing props and hand made quite a few too.  The female fairy’s head garland was made with dried flowers and gauze and a feathered crown for the boy.  The cuffs were made from antique French lace along with the handkerchief.  The table cover was made from an old ruined patchwork bedspread found in a junk shop and loving restored by Christine using dollies and vintage lace to cover the holes which took many hours sewing by hand.  She decorated the table in a fitting wedding feast style along with the fairy children’s corner with toad stools, little shoes, black board.

The lighting through the trees gave the whole story telling a magical expression of something secret and hidden going on in the woods which only the fairy kingdom knew about.

Katy Cherry, a talented hair & make-up artist who has worked on lots of feature films and for television work on Marie-Francois’s hair to create a soft and beautiful style using flowers around the back and gorgeous soft, natural make up to enhance her already beautiful features.

Nikki Sheffield took the photos and Marie-Francoise and Christopher were our gorgeous models for the day.


Christine Maciocia - Stylist/Artist
Nikki Sheffield – Photography
Katy Cherry – Hair & Make-up Artist  (07749 965445)
Marie-Francoise Wolff – Model
Christopher Price – Model

Images © 2013 Nikki Sheffield Photography

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