Under the Vintage Veil’s Weekly Bulletin

Happy Sunday everyone! We’ve had a few tech issues this last week, which are now being resolved so thank you so much for bearing with us! Fortunately it didn’t affect our schedule too much but for any subscribers, you may get error links as scheduled posts went live too early due to an issue with our calendar! Don’t worry if those posts appear again (and completed) in the near future!

But on to happier things.

Under the Vintage Veil’s highlights

Wendy from Flossy and Dossy brought us this fabulous DIY flower sash tutorial!
We learned all about peonies with Nancy and Bolly!
We answered this bride’s dilemma about her dwindling guest list!
I answered the most annoying question in the world once and for all (I hope!) “when are you going to have babies?”
Kirsten from the Little Wedding Helper brought buttons back in Stylist’s Corner.
We featured a gorgeous wedding described as an “oldfangled barn adventure” and it was awesome.
We posted the second instalment of The Beauty Spot and reviewed Decisive by Lush. The next instalment will be a week late due to our charity open mic night (see later in the post).

Highlights from around the wedding world

This couple made me die with envy on rocknrollbride.com with Skunk Anansie as their wedding band. We can only dream…
We heart this gold wedding inspiration over on Wedding Sparrow!
Beautiful French wedding inspiration over on b.loved – ooh la la!

What we’ve been up to

We’ve taken some time this week to properly prepare for this charity open mic night in my dad’s memory. If you’re local, we’d love to see you there. We’re also excitedly anticipating the return of our best man, Todd, who’s coming to wreak havoc on our world next weekend!

We’ve also been planning our big holiday! Our first honeymoon was kind of strained on account of the worries from back home, and it’s been a hell of a first year of marriage with all the difficulties our family has been through. We’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and take a second honeymoon… can you guess where? If you already know, shhhh….

We’ve done a lot of healthy things this week – like walking in the woods…


And buying shoes…

floral shoes

I’ll leave you with my final thought for the week! This is a tough one for me, I’ve always been a stickler for rules and a false sense of superiority when it comes to language, but the mighty Stephen Fry has put me right back in my box with this marvellously crafted verbally delectable rant on the real art of using language… enjoy!

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