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Happy Tuesday folks. Today on the blog we have a very special treat – our very own beauty expert, make-up artist, Chloe McCall on hand to answer reader letters. Chloe is an award-winning make-up artist and hair stylist based in the West Midlands. Her CV includes an impressive list of former jobs, from Chanel to Benefit to Lancome, so we can be pretty sure she knows her stuff!!

The first letter today comes from a bride who’s having a DIY day. She’s doing her own make up but has a couple of skin-tone related queries for Chloe. We have lots of experts on hand to answer your questions, so if you have any wedding-related head scratchers, send them our way ( and we’ll find you the answer!


Chloe’s answer

Dear DIY Bride,

Matching your bridesmaids

Whether its a make-up artist creating the look or you’re doing your own make up, the important factors to consider are: the tone of the dress, your bridesmaids’ skin tone and the colour of their eyes and hair.

Because we’re all individuals, no two bridesmaids’ make-up looks will ever be a carbon copy of the other as everyone has different features and skin tones that you need to take into consideration.

I personally think it’s always nice to try  to keep everyone’s looks along the same general lines and also to take into account how much make up the bride is wearing and match their look as best you can. If the bridesmaids are doing their own make up, it’s a good idea if they can try to do it in the same room so they can see how they look next to each other and what everyone else is choosing. It’s an even better idea to have a trial run together and agree the products in advance so there’s no pressure on the morning of the wedding.

Try to stick to the same colour ranges and find a common feature between everyone’s looks. For instance, brown eyeshadow is very versatile and will suit most skin tones, you just need to pick the right shade for your eyes whether it be warm or cool shade. Another option is to try to find a lipstick that suits everybody and tie the make-up look together that way. The MAC lipstick shade, Patisserie, looks lovely on most skin tones.

Image and make up by Chloe McCall 


Pale skin foundations

With regard to finding a foundation for very pale skin, you’re not alone.

There are so many great brands that cater to paler skin. MAC is one of the best brands out there and used worldwide by top make-up artists. Their range of foundation goes from very light to very dark and they do every finish.

Illamasqua is another great brand for paler skin. Their skin base foundation is one of my favourites, it gives a great glow and coverage to the skin. I find applying it with a buffing brush works well and will give you an airbrush finish.

Dainty Doll is a make-up brand created just for pale skin created by Nicola from Girls Aloud. After years of struggling to find foundation to match her tone, she created her own brand. The colours in the range are perfect for paler skin tones and you should easily be able to find one to match yours.

I hope that helps, you can find me online here to learn more about what I do!

Until next time,

Chloe McCall

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