Real bride Jenni’s journal part one – the proposal

It’s a very exciting week on the blog. Not only did we celebrate our new look with style, sending off our first beautiful real bride Nicole with her real wedding feature, but with our makeover we’ve found a brand new bride to write our regular feature, real bride journal. Jenni is a twenty-five year old secondary school teacher who recently got engaged to her boyfriend of six-and-a-half years, Paul. I’m going to hand over to Jenni as she plans her May 2014 vintage / nautical-inspired day!

How we met

I wish I could tell you it was some romantic whirlwind encounter and our eyes locked across the room like in a beautiful Jane Austen novel, but I can’t. Our first meeting wasn’t quite like that. However it was still a defining point in my life and I have never looked back since. I was in my second year at university and it was Paul’s first week at uni. We met at a sailing club social (well, technically we met in a Walkabout on a night out).  Since that night, Paul has been a huge presence in my life. Still I do wish we had a bit more of a classy first encounter – luckily Paul took matters into his own hands with a beautiful proposal worthy of my romantic fiction aspirations!

The proposal

Paul and I had done everything ‘properly’ as my mum would say. We both finished university, got ourselves decent jobs and bought a house together. We have been together six and a half years and I had everything: the house, the job and a beautiful kitten (Reggie Mo) but I still wanted to make things permanent.

I don’t know if ‘desperate’ is the right word but I was defiantly itching to get married. I don’t know if other people who were in long-term relationships before they got hitched felt the same, but every time I logged onto Facebook it seemed that another friend or acquaintance had posted their engagement picture. I felt happy for them but there was also a pang of ‘God she has only known him five minutes, why are they engaged?’ Or ‘that’s not fair, when will it be my turn?’

I gave myself a bit of a talking to – patience is a virtue after all. I had it in my mind Paul would ask when we went on holiday in the summer. I knew he wouldn’t ask in front of people (not his style) and I knew he wouldn’t do it on a day which was already an occasion such as Christmas.

It was Paul’s birthday (9th Feb) and my twin sister was staying with us as we were planning on going out the following day to celebrate. We have a tradition of opening presents in bed on our birthday as soon as we wake up. This was no different. Paul opened his presents but was acting a bit weird. I thought he was just being s silly kid and put it down to him being excited about his birthday.

I had a shower and was getting ready for the day at my vanity table (towel on head, no make up on) and Paul came to sit next to me by my bed. He said he wanted to say something and that he had a present for me. I turned around and saw the small black box. My heart started racing and I immediately burst into tears. Paul did the same. To be honest with you, I can’t actually remember everything he said to me. I know he said some beautiful things about how much he loves me and how he wanted me to be his wife but I was so caught up with it I just can’t remember. In fact, I was so swept away with the surprise and emotion of the moment that it took ages for me to say yes!

The twin was in on it!

I ran downstairs and saw my sister and instantly cried more, as did she. I showed her my beautiful ring that fit perfectly and she smiled. Unbeknownst to me, Paul had asked her to get her ring size and let him know as we are the same size. She had known all about it! As twin sisters it’s pretty hard to keep anything secret and Andie had recently distanced herself from me. I just thought she was being a pain but it was because taking all her effort not to say anything and ruin the surprise for me.

I rang home to my parents straight away to let them know. They were over the moon for us and dad had said he had known as well. Paul had rung the night before to ask his permission. Dad was so honoured that he had asked but didn’t expect Paul to ask on his birthday.

My proposal was perfect for me. It was heartfelt, simple and honest. And to make it even better, Paul had made a day about him (his birthday) into a day about us which is really touching.

The story so far and what you can look forward to…

We have chosen our theme – nautical vintage. I love the vintage-inspired look and we both love sailing. The date is set for May 2014, the church booked and the venue organised but there is just so much to do. I look forward to keeping you updated on all the trials and tribulations of wedding planning.

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