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Happy Thursday lovely readers. It’s nearly the end of the week and we thought we’d give you something to do over the weekend if you’ve got that crafty feeling!

Today’s DIY project comes from one of my favourite independent dress designers, Flossy and Dossy. Wendy, from Flossy and Dossy made my bridesmaids’ dresses to measure, from scratch, with just a few short weeks to go until my wedding – they were just perfect, in fact, I can’t resist the temptation to show them off again, and then I’ll hand over to Wendy to show you how to make a beautiful flower sash or headband for your big day!

Image © Satureyes


This lovely sash is really easy to make and can be used to compliment your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, or it could even be used as a statement headband. You could even use different coloured fabrics for your bridesmaids or for an evening dress.

Images and words by Flossy and Dossy


 2 metres of ribbon

 Fabric (must be synthetic, I used a high quality duchess satin)

 Lace appliqué ( you can buy these at your local fabric shop)

 Needle and thread



How to make your own

1. Start by cutting out circles from your fabric, you need about three or four for each flower.  The size depends on how big you want your flowers to be, I made them about the size of a tea cup.


2. light the candle and gently turn the fabric circles over the flame, you’ll see the edges melt and curl slightly which makes them look more flower like. Do this with all the circles of fabric.


3. Group the petals together to form 3 flowers and pin them to your ribbon to check the placement.  Once you’re happy with how they look secure them by stitching them to the ribbon.


4. Next take your lace appliqué and cut it apart to form small motifs, place these motifs in the centre of the flowers and on the ribbon, again play with the placement till you’re happy and then stitch in place.  If you don’t want to use lace you could replace it with vintage buttons, hand sewn beads or maybe even a vintage brooch.


5. Tie your sash round the waist of your dress and enjoy your handiwork!

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Try our own at home and send us the results! Let us know if you’re using any Under the Vintage Veil DIY for your big day in the comment box below. 

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