Chillout Sunday #2 – finding your safe place

chillout Sunday

Happy weekend and welcome to the second instalment of our weekly Chillout Sunday post. Last week, complementary therapist, Lorraine Doron, taught us how to chill with the ultimate, relaxing bath. This week I’m going to share something a bit personal (possibly mad, possibly genius depending on who you ask) and hope that you get what I’m on about!

Remember when you were a kid and you used to build dens? Maybe you do that with your own kids now, a secret hiding place where the world and its problems can’t get in… So a little secret technique I have to relax when the world is stressing me out is to build a little nest for myself inside my tent (yes, tent) full of comfy cushions and duvets. It makes sense really, when life has you totally cornered, what could be more comforting than a little space of the world that’s just yours?

As silly as it sounds, everyone who knows me knows that when the tent goes up, it’s because I really need to be left alone to recharge. I have a few rules for my tent:

My tent is my safe space. Nobody else is allowed in unless explicitly invited.

My tent is my chillout space. Nothing unpleasant or stressful is allowed in the tent. If anyone wishes to talk to me about anything stressful, they have to wait until I’m out!

My tent is my happy place. Nail painting, TV watching and pizza eating are just a few of the many tent-related activities.

I always thought I was a bit mad until my bereavement counsellor told me she actually thought it was one of the most healthy things she’d ever heard – everyone needs space and a little corner of the world that’s all theirs and represents all the indulgent and silly comforts that we’re denied in our adult life!


So this is my challenge for the week:

♥ Find a little pop up tent that’s small enough to fit in your living room. These don’t have to be expensive, mine cost £10.

 Gather all the comfortable cushions and duvets you can find and make a really cosy little nest inside the tent.

 Set your own tent ground rules and inform anyone you share the space with of your intentions to occupy the tent until further notice.

 Bring everything you need for a fun camp out into the tent, including some good books (and aim it at the TV if you fancy watching your favourite movie) food and whatever crafts or creative things relax you.

♥ Emerge an hour later (it does get old after a while and a tent isn’t really a long-term solution to life’s big problems!) feeling refreshed and relaxed! I promise you, it works.

Do you have a secret relaxation method that seems a bit mad but works? Share your tips in the comment box below – and let us know how you get on with your nest building!

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