An Italian quirky vintage-inspired real wedding

Happy Tuesday everyone. Our first post today comes to you all the way from Italy! Francesco and Azzurra’s winter wedding brings together all of the quirky, fun elements of the couple’s personality, with a blue theme that I’ll let the bride explain to you in more detail! Over to Azzurra: 

“When Francesco and I started to organize our wedding, the first aspect that we decided on was that the colour of the event would be blue. This colour that would accompany us as a constant theme, through our clothes, the outdoor lighting of the Church and more.

The blue represents the bonds of marriage, to feel stable, secure, free from any tension, balanced and harmonious. The union, membership and loyalty. It’s associated with the geometrical shape of the circle, the symbol of the eternal movement of the spirit. That’s why the bouquet had a circular form, decorated with orchids and gypsophila. A DIY gift from my mother.

My dress was thirty years old. It belonged to my mother, she wore it at her wedding in 1979. Simple, romantic and a touch authentically vintage, we were really happy with our blue-themed wedding.

Images © Cinzia Bruschini Photography


Wedding Dress: Azzurra wore her mother, Mary’s, wedding dress
Photographer: Cinzia Bruschini Photography
Shoes: Andrea Iommi 
Bouquet: DIY Mother of the Bride
Jacket: Giovaldina Sartoria
Groom’s outfit: Lardini Shoes: Campanile Coat: Prada
Wedding Catering: Michela Catering (Ancona)
Christmas Wedding Cake: Pasticceria Picchio
Reception Location: Villa Bonaparte
Florist: Mary – bride’s mum (church + bouquet)

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