Reasons to (and not to) get married in… the battle of the seasons

Good morning weddingverse! I hope everyone is having a lovely day today. So you’re getting wed. You have one thing figured out, the groom – but where do you start? In every guide to getting married that I read, it is suggested that you choose the venue first. But how can you choose a venue if you don’t know when you need it?

There are advantages and disadvantages to getting married in different seasons, so if you have no idea when you want to walk down the aisle, this mini guide should help you choose.

Reasons to (and not to) get married in…


Getting married in spring is great because…

The weather is usually mild and agreeable.
There will be an abundance of flowers out, both for your florist to use and (hopefully) at your venue for pictures. Spring is a beautiful time of year to tie the knot.
There’s just something about the way spring air smells that is so romantic. It’s the smell of renewed hope and excitement!
There are loads of bank holidays in the spring time so great opportunities for wedding weekends.
Many venues will still be going at off-peak prices.

Getting married in spring is less great because…

While the weather is usually mild, showers aren’t exactly out of the question. Plus there’s still time for a freak snowstorm, although unlikely it could happen.
Those beautiful flowers are fabulous if you don’t have hay fever.
People may well have other plans for their bank holiday.
St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter… there are lots of reasons why churches and even people might not be available.

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Getting married in summer is great because…

The probability of having a warm day is higher.
Most flowers are still out and available, so lots of the advantages of spring.
It opens the doors for things like ice cream vans, outdoor games and Pimms on the lawn.
You can usually wear what you want without worrying about wrapping up. Hello flirty summer frocks!
It stays lighter later into the evening, which tends to naturally extend the party.

Getting married in summer is less great because…

Some of the prettiest flowers, like peonies, will be out of season.
It’s England – unless you go abroad, a hot and dry day is hardly guaranteed.
If you do get a hot day, a total scorcher can be too much (says the bride who got married on the hottest day of the year). Nobody wants to get sunburn on their wedding day.
Venue prices will be at full whack because it’s peak season.
 It’s a very hot time of year to go on honeymoon, especially if you’re heading for warmer climes.

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Getting married in autumn is great because… 

There are so many wonderful theme ideas, bonfire night, toffee apple favours, a barn dance, fireworks…
Once again, most venues are off season and prices are looking a lot more affordable.
An autumn colour scheme can be really original and stunning, think deep, earthy colours with splashes of metallic gold. The backdrop of beautiful autumnal trees to match is also gorgeous.
There aren’t many events in autumn and so you’re more likely to pin down the suppliers you want plus friends and family will really look forward to an event to take them through to next year.
Autumn food ideas are also fabulous, a roasted chestnut stand, pumpkin pie, steaming hot drinks…

Getting married in autumn is less great because…

Yes, yes, I know the weather is a con on every single list. But this is England, after all.
Because it’s off season a lot of kids will be starting a new school year meaning their parents might have their hands a bit full.
People may have spent all of their “going to special events” budget over the summer.
Er… toffee apples are both bad and good for your teeth! Now that’s just confusing…

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Getting married in winter is great because…

You could literally have a white wedding.
Venue prices are usually at their very lowest.
Think of the theme ideas, faux fur stoles, frosty drinks, a cool colour palette…
Right after the wedding you can escape to a lovely, warm honeymoon.
Some of that Christmas magic will be lingering in the air, putting everyone in a wonderful mood.

Getting married in winter is less great because… 

This time the weather isn’t just a gripe, it could be a serious problem. A white wedding might look amazing but it could also leave a lot of your guests stranded.
You run the risk of being cheesy with your theme. There’s a very fine line (anyone remember the episode of Don’t Tell the Bride with the Christmas theme)?
Everyone will be saving their cash for Christmas so travelling to your wedding might be more difficult.

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When are you getting married? Have you put contingency plans in place for any of the cons? What is the most exciting thing about your wedding season? We’d love to hear from you!

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